Here is a list of foods that can be eaten expired.

Every year, the French waste 1.2 to 6 million tons of food. This represents a food waste of 2 to 100 kilos of edible food per person per year. Thus, at least 38 kilos of food thrown every second in the trash.

There are foods that are better not eaten expired (like oysters, eggs or raw meat), there are others that can be eaten beyond the expiration date, thing that we tend to forget. So next time, before you throw those ten foods, think twice. Or three.

Honey – “All the viiiiiiiie”

That can be preserved all the life. You can even leave it to your children if you want. Not sure they are happy, but you can.

Chocolate – 2 years after the expiry date

You have two years from the deadline indicated on the package to finish this chocolate bar with hazelnut milk. As long as you only need 20 minutes, it should do it.

Dry goods – Several years after the expiry date

Namely pasta, rice, lentils and all foods that are in the “dry goods” section of your supermarket and that you can consume years after the deadline for optimal use.

Cans – As long as it has a good presentationYou have just found in your closet an old tin of sardines with tomato stale since 2009? Do not throw it away: the cans can be consumed even out of date. As long as it is not inflated or dented you do not have to worry. By cons, buy sardines with tomato, that’s serious.

UHT milk – 2 months after the expiry date

So who is sterilized and you can drink up to two months after the expiry date. There will be absolutely no risk to your health, at worst worse it will just be the vitamin and mineral content that will have decreased.

CheeseUntil there is life

Well, let’s be clear: the more moldy it is, the better. So please yourself.

Frozen – Several years after the expiry date

If you keep them at -18 ° C, you can keep them for years and eat them well after the deadline. They will have at most a bad smell of cardboard. However, beware any chopped steaks that must be eaten within nine months of the expiry date.

List of foods that can be eaten expired.

Yogurts – 3 months after the expiry date

If you are one of those who throw yogurt the day after their expiry date, know that you make big bad mess. You still have up to three months to eat them.

Raw ham – 2 weeks after the expiry date

Who like his pal sausage, can be eaten up to two weeks after his official deadline. As a matter of fact, you and I know that the old piece of sausage that has been lying in a corner of the closet since Christmas 98 may even be eating years later.

Spices – 1529 years after the expiry date

All that is spice, does not really expire, in the worst case it fades and loses its taste. Not enough to spend the night in the bathroom.

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