Here is a list of 5 Chinese foods that you should avoid buying!

According to the website South China Morning Post, nearly 70% of Chinese rivers and lakes are polluted because of industrialization, such as textile, chemical and agro-food factories. One can get an idea of ​​the impact for the Chinese, who in 2 decades have gone from a traditional farming way of life to an unbridled industrial lifestyle that has swept away all the statistics … And since the food chinese account for a large share in the world market, this means that we are also exposed to these Chinese foods.

We are more often told about Chinese products, such as clothes, toys, which are sometimes toxic and to be avoided. But this warning also applies to what we eat. Because, in addition to pollution that far exceeds all expectations, the use of pesticides in China is much less regulated and controlled than at home.

Here is a list of 5 Chinese foods not to buy:

1 / Garlic

It is probably the food that is the most problematic , because today, garlic that we find in grocery stores comes almost all the time from China, it contains many pesticides.

What to do?

You have to check the provenance and look for local garlic, for example in markets or supermarkets. However, it is not available all year. Do not hesitate to ask for garlic that does not come from China when you go to the grocery store, after all the supermarkets want to meet the demand of consumers. If many of us demand these alternatives, they could be available much more quickly than we think.

2 / The mushrooms

The Chinese mushrooms, most of the time sold canned (about 1/3 of these preserves come from China) or dried, are also to be banned because they contain many pesticides. In recent years, several countries have even temporarily banned the import of these Chinese mushrooms until the problem is solved.

Tetramethrin, an insecticide used to control the spread of harmful insects such as cockroaches, is particularly pointed at. This carcinogenic pesticide causes several health problems, such as muscle spasms or breathing difficulties.

3 / The apple juice

As France is a big apple producer, we can easily find juice from our regions. But China still exports a lot of processed apple products and especially juices.

This juice is often found in cheap products. The taste of Chinese apples is often a bit sour and fruity because it comes from far away and the fruits there are of poor quality.

The apple is, year after year in tests, the fruit that requires the most pesticides for its cultivation. The pesticides used are much more numerous than here.

4 / The rice

There has been a huge scandal about Chinese rice recently, when tests revealed that its content of cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, was far too high. Cadmium is linked to many health problems, including cancers, bone malformations, kidney failure, and so on. The contamination was made by water, when extremely polluting factories came to settle near the rice fields.

But let’s be reassured, the Chinese rice is actually mainly for the local market. There are still some Chinese rice sold at home, for example in grocery stores. We must verify the source and refrain from doubt, even if it is a good deal at first glance.

5 / The tilapia

A large part of the production of this fish comes from China. We appreciate this Chinese fish for its firm flesh, its little pronounced taste and lack of edges. But be careful, we must also look at how the fish was raised! (see our article Why you should never eat Tilapia again)

In fact, Chinese fish farms raise fish in undersized ponds, in foul, unhygienic waters, and add powerful chemicals as antibiotics, growth hormones and insecticides. It even seems that Chinese children are forbidden to approach these basins!

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