Here are two habits that would be related to breast cancer

The modern world and new technologies only amplify this risk of breast cancer and it is imperative to guard against this tumor by adopting the right behaviors and avoiding 2 habits that can lead to this problem:


Although deodorant is a useful product for body hygiene by reducing the bad smell of sweat, it contains aluminum salts, toxic elements that cause breast cancer in women.

In addition, Professor Philippa Darber noted that most breast cancers in women are closely related to the presence of paraben, another component of deodorant. Recent scientific research claims that parabens are linked to the development of breast tumors.

The bras:

So far, no scientific research has ever shown that wearing bras causes breast cancer, but doctors and researchers agree that wearing a tight bra creates problems of the lymphatic system by pressing on the vessels.

Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer are two doctors who say that all women who avoid wearing bras prevent the onset of breast cancer.

A recent experimental study was conducted on 4000 women whose results are as follows:

Wearing the bra all day exposes the woman to imminent danger of a breast cancer tumor.

One in seven women is exposed to breast cancer if she wears a bra for more than 12 hours a day and goes to bed wearing it.

The lower the frequency of wearing a bra, the less exposed the woman is to the wearer.

Finally, avoiding the bra and deodorant are two conditions that prevent the appearance of breast cancer in a woman.

Known risk factors

There is convincing evidence that the following factors increase your risk of breast cancer.

Women who have ever had breast cancer are at higher risk of developing breast cancer again

The risk of breast cancer is higher in the following situations:

  • one or more first-degree relatives (mother, sister or daughter), had breast cancer, especially if the diagnosis was made before menopause
  • second-degree relatives (grandmother, aunt or niece), on either side of the family, had breast cancer

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