Here are the brands of bottled water that have pollutants

Pesticides or chemical pollutants have been detected in some brands of water sold in stores. According to the study conducted jointly by France Libertés and 60 million consumers, pollutants were found in 10 bottles of water out of the 47 examined. Micro-traces that would not be harmful to the health of man, but it is a situation that raises the question of the purity of bottled water.

What has been found are traces of pesticides and medicines. But then what brands are affected by the results of this study?

Here are the 10 brands of bottled water incriminated with the relevant pollution particles.

Hépar – Source Hépar

Mont Roucous – Source Mont Roucous

Tamoxifen (synthetic hormone used to fight breast cancer)

Saint Amand – Source of the Clos de l’abbaye

Tamoxifen and Naftidrofuryl (drug, vasodilator)

Bottled water: Vittel – Great source

We talked about it in this report:

Volvic – Source Clairvic

Atrazine (pesticide)

Carrefour discount – Source Céline Cristaline


Cora – Source Saint Peter


Cristaline – Source Louise

Oxadixyl (pesticide)

The Salvetat – Source La Salvetat


St-Yorre – Source Royale


Bottled waters without any trace of pollutant include the Evian, Contrex, Courmayer, Thonon, Montcalm and Wattwiller mineral waters, the mineral waters of the Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc and Leader Price brands, and Perrier, Badoit, sparkling mineral waters. , San Pellegrino or Quezac. 23 bottled spring waters also had no trace of toxic substance.

To conclude: Find out about the quality of your tap water because it is often better or even of the same quality as bottled water. Especially the most negative point, besides the very high price, and despite the efforts of the manufacturers, are the bottles of plastics that are difficult to biodegrade and pollute the soil and our oceans.

Only these 10 bottled water references had microtraces of pollutants according to 60 million consumers.

Adding information

Following this article we were contacted by the Chamber of Trade of Mineral Waters. Here is their email:

We follow up on the article you published “Here are bottled water brands that have pollutants”.

You are referring to a 60 Million Consumers article on water quality from March 25, 2013. This information is now largely out of date:

Please note that the results of this study and the methodology have since been challenged.

Indeed, a study was conducted by an independent laboratory specialized in research at the level of “ultra traces” (micro-particles).

-13,000 analyzes were carried out on emerging pollutants, on 40 bottled water brands in France.

-The research focused on 330 molecules: drugs, hormones, pesticides and other molecules related to human activities.

This study would prove that:

There is no trace of medication, hormone, phthalate, or Bisphenol A in bottled water.

-100% of bottled water complies with regulations, at thresholds even 2 times lower than the regulatory limits for pesticides.

To learn more, you can visit

And consult the attached press release so you can rectify the information you have published.

Studies are often challenged by lobbies, but in doubt and for the sake of fairness, we wanted to publish this information.

But that does not detract from the pollution problem caused by the production of water bottles.

Bottled water source that has pollutants: and

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