Here are the 8 best foods to fight type 2 diabetes

For centuries, herbs have been used to fight several diseases, from colds to more serious diseases such as heart disease. Today, research shows that some herbs can be very beneficial in fighting type 2 diabetes and / or helping diabetes patients maintain their stable sugar levels. Here are 8 herbs that can help fight diabetes.

# 8: Gymnema Sylvestre: The name of this Hindi plant means “sugar destroyer”. It is one of the most effective herbs for lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Gymnema Sylvestre works by promoting the activity of the enzyme, which can improve glucose cell utilization and help stimulate insulin production.

# 7: Ginseng: Ginseng is a popular plant that has many healing properties, and for diabetic patients, its daily use can help reduce blood sugar levels. This is due to its ability to increase the use of glucose in cells and to reduce the absorption rate of carbohydrates, which helps to lower blood sugar levels.

# 6: Chamomile: This powerful plant can help the body eliminate sugar from the blood and store it in the liver. This proper transfer of blood sugar to the liver can help lower blood sugar levels, which can prevent the progression of type 2 diabetes.

# 5: Blueberry: Blueberries help prevent cell damage and retinal damage that can occur because of diabetes. Flavonoids, called anthocyanosides, help strengthen blood vessels to reduce the risk of damage as diabetes progresses.

# 4: Ceylon Cinnamon: Ceylon Cinnamon is ideal for regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic patients by increasing insulin sensitivity. In 2006, the journal Diabetes Care published data from a study showing that only six grams or less of cinnamon taken on a daily basis can reduce both serum glucose and cholesterol levels.

# 3: Dill: Dill is another powerful plant that can be very effective at keeping blood sugar levels stable. In fact, this plant contains no less than 70 different chemicals that help fight diabetes. This herb reduces the frequency of fluctuating glucose levels.

# 2: Garlic: This plant is known for its healing properties, recently it has proven its ability to lower blood sugar levels. Several chemicals in garlic, such as allicin and allyl propyl help to increase insulin production in the body.

# 1: Ginger: This plant helps stabilize blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Many people turn to ginger because it can be eaten in many ways: raw, powdered, dried, or in the form of oil or juice.

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