Here are Stephen Hawking’s tips for people with depression

A world-renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking is known for his complex ideas. He gave a poignant message to people suffering from depression, making a poetic comparison between this disease and a black hole: “No matter how dark they seem, it is not impossible to escape”

Hawking said, “The message of this conference is that black holes are not as black as you think. It is not the eternal prisons that we once thought were.

Things can come out of a black hole both outward and eventually to another universe. So, if you have the impression of being in a black hole, like during a depression, do not give up – there is a way out “.

Hawking, who turned 74 the day after the conference, has been living with motor neuron disease for almost 53 years – despite being told he was only two years old when the disease was diagnosed in 1963.

Speaking to the same audience, his daughter Lucy notes Hawking’s incredible mental health – both intellectually and emotionally.

“He has the enviable will to continue and the ability to tap into all his reserves, all his energy, all his mental focus and to rely on it to keep moving forward,” she says.

“Not only to continue to survive, but also to transcend by producing extraordinary work – writing books, giving lectures, inspiring others with neurodegenerative diseases and other disabilities. “

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