Here are six gentle and natural remedies for hair loss

According to dermatologists, losing 50 to 100 locks of hair is a normal thing. In contrast, a more intense hair loss with an appearance of bald areas can be a sign of alopecia. Nowadays, seeing a bald man of 30 years is commonplace. This may be due to stress, poor diet or hormonal disorders.

The use of natural products and home remedies can help you preserve your hair and promote their growth. For that, it’s useless to go farther than in your kitchen! All the ingredients of your restorative and fall protection remedies are there.


Eggs are rich in sulfur, protein and minerals. They contain selenium, zinc, iron, iodine and phosphorus. Eggs are particularly beneficial and effective for growth, especially when combined with olive oil.

The cure :

Mix one egg white with a tablespoon of olive oil and whisk. Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash your hair.


Rich in vitamin C, amla, a small fruit from Nepal, is a great way to fight hair loss problems and is very useful for nascent baldness. You can apply it on the scalp, but also consume it because it is beneficial for the overall health.

The cure :

To prepare your mixture, buy Amla powder and mix two tablespoons of this powder with the same amount of lemon juice and whip. Apply the mixture on the scalp, let it dry then rinse with clear water.

Garlic and onion

Sulfur improves the production of collagen which is essential for growth. Garlic and onion are rich in sulfur, and are therefore widely used in remedies to stimulate hair growth.

The cure :

Take 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, mash them and mix with a little coconut oil. Heat the mixture for 2 or 3 minutes and allow to cool. Apply this combination on the scalp and massage gently. For best results, repeat 2 to 3 times a week.

You can also apply onion juice to your scalp. Let stand for 15 minutes before washing your hair.

The coconut

One of the most beneficial ingredients for the hair is the coconut. This fruit is very effective to fight against hair loss and grow.

Coconut milk contains many minerals, such as iron and potassium, proteins and fats. In regular application, it makes the hair more resistant and bulky.

Coconut oil is also very useful for strengthening hair, fortifying from root to tip.

The cure :

Mix some coconut milk with water and apply this solution to areas where hair loss is visible. Let stand overnight and wash hair in the morning. Do this remedy regularly to slow hair loss.


For centuries, Asian people use henna to strengthen the hair and preserve their health. Henna becomes more effective when combined with mustard oil.

The cure :

Mix 205ml of mustard oil with 60g of neutral henna (otherwise, you risk changing hair color!). Heat the mixture and let cool. Keep this mixture in a jar with a lid to apply it regularly to the scalp.

Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes before washing your hair.


Hibiscus is useful for fighting hair loss. This plant prevents white hair and helps to get rid of dandruff. You will be able to stop baldness with hibiscus flowers. People from Kerala, India, combine coconut oil and hibiscus to strengthen hair.

The cure :

Take two hibiscus flowers and mix them with sesame oil or coconut oil. Apply the mixture and leave on for 2 or 3 hours, then wash your hair.

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