Here are a surprising number of natural solutions for warts

The second of Hercules’ labors was to kill Hydra of Lerna. He was a frightening monster, every head of which repelled double when it was cut. After severing several heads of the Hydra, Hercules found himself overwhelmed by the new heads that arose. He called his nephew Lolaos to help him.

Using fiery straw bales, he managed to cauterize the stumps of Hydra’s necks while Hercules sliced ​​the remaining heads. Hercules was able to defeat the Hydra, but he was punished: the feat was counted as nil because he had benefited from the help of Iolaos.

Like Hercules, dermatologists do not do finesse: they burn warts with liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C or laser cut them. Then they send you home, sore, often unable to walk. These methods leave small amounts of infected cells that will multiply and reform warts, like the heads of Lerna Hydra. Fortunately, the number of natural treatments that exist and that make this office against warts is incredible.

Here’s a list, but I’m sure many readers will know more. Thank you, therefore, to add a comment of this message. These remedies may seem benign (eggplant, lemon, potato) compared to liquid nitrogen. Most are actually much more powerful than we imagine. This is why it is important to apply the preparations on the wart itself, avoiding if possible to touch the skin around. This can cause irritation, itching, burning, etc.

Natural solutions for warts:


My children cut a small piece of it in the fresh flesh, the size of their wart, which they fix the evening before going to bed with a piece of plaster. The next morning, the wart has a little blackened. They begin again the maneuver a few days until the wart dies completely and detaches itself.

It sounds miraculous, completely painless, and does not involve any chemicals. No risk either to stain the sheets of the bed with a small piece of aubergine. It is the nontoxic and safe product par excellence, and it is to wonder how it is so effective! A variant, better known, of this treatment is to use the small green hat of the aubergine, this part which connects it to the plant. Simply slip a small, sharp knife under the hat to detach it from the rest of the eggplant.

Then, holding the hat by the stem, scrub your wart for half a minute. Repeat the operation 4 days in a row. If, after a few days, the green hat becomes dry and stunted, do not hesitate to throw it away and use a cooler one [1].

Garlic / Onion

Apply a poultice of crushed garlic to the wart. Use a bandage to hold the poultice in place. Renew the operation every day until the wart disappears [2].

Aloe Vera

Get freshly harvested Aloe vera gel that you apply directly to the wart. The translucent flesh obtained by peeling the leaves of a 3-year-old Aloe vera is called “gel”. At this stage of maturity, the leaves are about 50 cm [2].

Celandine, “the wart grass”

Knowledgeable herbalists gather celandine when it is in full bloom (late spring or summer depending on climate). The celandine is then full of its famous yellow juice, with nauseating odor but with miraculous virtues. It is found in the wild in temperate countries below 1000 m, in thickets, hedgerows, old shady walls, wet and unkempt places. If you’re feeling a herbalist soul, learn to identify celandine through the herbalist board found in the references at the bottom of this letter.

The roots are then finely chopped and then macerated in the fresh apple cider vinegar for a week and a half. The preparation thus obtained must be applied 3 times a day on the wart with a brush. Then leave to dry. There is no point in dressing the wart. Repeat the process until the wart disappears. The mixture will keep for a long time in a cool place [2]. Some have achieved satisfactory results with the mother tincture of celandine, available in pharmacies.


Choose an organic lemon, pick up the bark, chop it and let it macerate for 2 days in white vinegar. Before going to bed, place a few pieces of macerated lemon peel on the wart. Then do yourself a bandage to keep the bark in place on your wart. At sunrise, remove the dressing and wash and dry the wart.

Soak cotton with thuya mother tincture. Apply the cotton to the wart and make a bandage so that the cotton holds all day [2]. Repeat these two steps until the wart disappears. The mother tincture of cedar is obtained by macerating away from light in 10 volumes of alcohol, spring twigs of thuya occidentalis – a tree that grows mainly in Canada. This ancestral remedy has extensive therapeutic properties: warts, digestive disorders, bronchitis, etc. [3].


Cut out a small piece of raw potato. Apply it against the wart for a few minutes in the morning and evening to moisten the wart. Repeat with a new piece until the wart disappears. This remedy is effective thanks to the starch in the potato that contains an active ingredient against warts [2] [4].

The sun

Already in the Middle Ages white willow bark was used to treat warts [5]. Try to apply willow leaf 3 times a day on the wart (protect healthy skin around) [6].

Bacon rind

You have to rub the warts conscientiously every day with a piece of bacon rind. Between sessions, you will keep the rind in aluminum foil, well apart, to prevent someone from eating it! It is said that the effectiveness of this remedy is due to the fact that the warts are attracted by another skin (the rind is the skin of the pig). The cure is simple and painless.

The method of Tom Thumb

Those who have tried all remedies to no avail may try another form of “therapy”. I offer of course no guarantee of success; all I can tell you is that it worked for people who strongly believe in the power of the unconscious. Put on a piece of ribbon. Make as many knots on the ribbon as you have warts. The knot is a way of symbolizing your problem. Then go for a walk, preferably in the forest and throw your ribbon in the nature to a place where you are sure not to come back. Let your subconscious do the rest of the work.

If you know of a natural remedy that I have not mentioned here, I invite you to share it with all our readers leaving a comment below.

To your health, Jean-Marc Dupuis

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