Here are 8 things I spent ages

When I think back to the one I was twenty-five years ago, and compare the information of the time to what I have access to today, I understand why my poor submerged brain feels like turn as fast as the cheap little wind turbines that my husband has installed on the terrace.

I was miles away from interest in articles about aging. At the time, I only browsed Cosmo for items like 3,609 ways to please your man.

A little advice: tell them yes. They do not ask for more.

Well, actually, I lied. I have never been interested in such articles. They annoyed me already at the time. Today, I do not even want to give them a second of my time.

Because today I prefer to read one of the thousands of articles on aging: Why it’s really horrible to be old (which is wrong), Choosing the right eyeliner for someone in your age (it will be necessary to pass on the body to tear mine away), etc.

I love getting old. I felt bad about myself all my life. And then it’s gone. I stopped feeling silly, because I’m not, and scourged myself because I was clumsy. I am asocial. It’s like that, and there are plenty of other people in my case.

We are a real tribe. Finally, a tribe whose members prefer to stay in their corner. I have sometimes thought back to times when I said or did something embarrassing for decades after the event. I’m done with all that. I stopped worrying about my physique. I spent decades worrying about every gray hair and every bead.

Here are 8 things I spent ages

I stopped dying my hair more than a year ago. Well, that’s right, I still worry about the bead. But precisely, that’s also important: that too, I do with. I accept myself as I am. The person I am today would like to be a little less chubby. But self-acceptance is my creed. And that is almost true.

My brain does not understand that I’m 52 years old. In my head, I still have 31. My body, he is fully aware of the number of years he has lived.

There are things I have aged. Time changes people, and I realize that it’s easier to accept these changes than to fight them.

Here are the things that, for me, really belong to the past:

1. Keep quiet – I do not want to shut her up when I’m the witness or the victim of an injustice. It’s not that before, I did not say anything. I used to do it, but it was usually to defend someone. Not for me. And that’s over. I do not know exactly if it will improve things, but if they treat me badly, I will not let myself go.

2. Worry about what others think about meThis morning, my husband and I went for breakfast in a fancy cafe (well, chic compared to the little embossery in the area). Then we had to go shopping. My hair would have been fine if I had not run out of dry shampoo. And I admit that my jeans should have been washed for a lease. But frankly … jeans, it does not get dirty, right? There were four women at the next table, and they all wore scarves. I had a brief moment of panic. I was a little neglected and my husband … my husband looked like a tramp. What would these ladies think of me? That’s when I decided that what they thought of me would not change the taste of my bacon omelette and avocados. By the way, the coffee is better at the embossing corner.

3. Guilty pleasures – I no longer have guilty pleasures. I just have fun. I do not feel guilty to love Lady Gaga, to have read all the books of Stephanie Plum, let alone to be a fan of TV series, to the point of being able to see them again and again. My Supernatural and Doctor Who phase is over. At this moment, I’m doing a marathon The Walking Dead. I have only one word to say: Daryl.

4. Uncomfortable shoes – To hell with uncomfortable shoes. And too bad if my socks are mismatched. As long as they are similar, it suits me.

5. To be ashamed of disorder – You know why there is so much disorder at home? Because right now, I do not want to clean up. And also because I am poorly organized and a little lazy.

6. Accumulate things I do not need – Well, trust me, it’s over. Almost all our stuff is not necessary, fun or comforting. We have less than two years left before our youngest child begins his graduate studies. Until then, my goal is to get rid of at least half of our business. And maybe even more.

7. Spend more time than necessary with people I do not like – This resolution began a few years ago. Before, I went to lunch a few days a week with colleagues. I do not like them. They are unpleasant, petty, and we have no common interest. One day, watching them take care of sports, politics or a project at work, I wondered what I was doing there. And then I stopped going to lunch with them. Life is too short to waste time with morons.

8. Apologize to people – Sometimes we come across real assholes. Of course, even the worst of assholes may have good sides, if you dig deep enough. What for? Why should I give this trouble? I do not want to waste my time with unpleasant people. Everyone makes their own choices. If some people decide to be unbearable, that’s their right. However, I do not feel obliged to find something good. All I want is to put as much distance as possible between them and me, and as quickly as possible.

And you, what have you spent the age? I would like to continue this list.

Source: This blog, originally published on the American Huffington Post, has been translated by Guillemette Allard-Bares for Fast for Word.

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