Here are 7 steps to learn to have a better self-esteem

The essential condition for our well-being is to love oneself. It’s easier said than done, it’s easier to tell a person “love” than to really explain what it is and how to do it.

Here are 7 steps to learn to have a better self-esteem

1. Be prepared to feel the pain and take responsibility for your emotions.

All emotions are there to inform us if we love each other or abandon ourselves or if others love or mistreat us.

The first step is to notice your breathing and to be present in your body. Have compassion for yourself and live your emotions instead of going against them.

2. Be ready to learn.

There are only two possible reactions in any situation in our life:

Either to protect against pain by fleeing our responsibility and by adopting controlling and addictive behaviors.

Either try to learn as much as you can about what we do or think and find it difficult to find the right strategies to get us out of this situation.

3. Learn more about your false beliefs.

This third step is a deep process of exploration that will allow you to better understand your false beliefs that cause you this discomfort.

Ask yourself and ask your inner child “what do I do or what do I think that causes me this feeling of anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, jealousy, loneliness or empty? And allow the answer to come from within you.

4. Chat with your higher self.

It’s not as hard to communicate with your guide as you think. The answers can come immediately or after a certain time, in the form of words or images or dreams. When your heart is open to learning, it will receive the answers it needs.

5. Apply the answers you received in Step 4.

You are now open to your trouble, you are ready to learn and interact with your inner guide. In this fifth step, you put into action what you received as an answer in Step 4 to deal with your feelings of shame, abandonment, or anxiety that were the result of the negligence you had towards yourself- even.

To love oneself is to take action to feel better by asking ourselves: “What should I do to love myself more?” Instead of “How can I feel love for myself? “

6. Evaluate your actions.

Once you have taken action, reevaluate the pain and negative emotions that you felt before. If you still feel it so strongly, redo the entire process as often as necessary and ask yourself questions differently to get different answers and help you feel better.

The more time you spend, the more you will realize that loving yourself improves all aspects of your life, relationships, health and well-being. To love and connect with yourself is essential to have better relationships with others and to create an exciting, fulfilled and happy life.

7- Dare to say “No”

To dare to say “No” is not doing what you do not want to do, or what you can not do for a good reason. “So it’s a way to maintain and protect your self-esteem by focusing on your own needs, your energy, your time, even your money, to devote to activities that seem more important,” says Marie-Laure Cuzacq. Especially since a “Yes” given reluctantly generates frustrations and generates actions often sloppy and therefore a risk of being reprimanded later. Knowing how to say “No” is working every day and requires firmness, adds the author.

Always remember that we say “No” to the request, not to the person. And to pass the pill, we can try to find with his interlocutor possible alternatives concerning him and his request. If you are not sure about yourself, start by saying “No” to people of lesser importance to you (an insistent salesperson for example), then increase the difficulty gradually. And do not forget that when you say ‘no’ to others, you say ‘yes’ “

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