Here are 7 pains that you should never ignore

Intense headaches require immediate attention. Either you have to call 911 right away because the aneurysm can cause brain damage in a matter of minutes and is deadly – ask someone to take you to the hospital

Intense pain between the shoulder blades

What it can be: a heart attack or arthritis

This health problem is followed by shortness of breath, nausea and jaw pain and is more common in women. The pain that seems to be due to a heart attack is strong and sudden and differs from the muscle pain that is weak. Call an ambulance instantly as professionals can give you first aid. Do not try to go to the hospital on your own

Backache and fever

What it can be: a kidney infection

This pain should be taken seriously especially if it appears with fever and nausea. Women suffer more than men from this problem and it is due to bacteria that spread from the urinary tract to the kidneys and cause serious infections. The infection usually begins with symptoms of urinary tract infections, that is, pain when urinating. If this problem is ignored it can cause kidney damage.

Deaf pain that moves to the lower right of the abdomen

What it can be: Appendicitis

Consult a doctor if you have this kind of pain. Usually, it spreads from the central part of the abdomen to the right side and worsens in 24 hours. A surgery may be necessary.

Menstrual cramps that do not improve with drugs

What it can be: endometriosis

If your pain persists after taking medication, it may be due to the endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus. This problem is quite common and can have an impact on fertility.

Teeth ache

What it can be: Dental grinding

This pain can occur due to a grinding of teeth that results in inflamed teeth and rotten enamel. Consult your dentist to help you with this problem that appears as a consequence of stress. You may need to wear mouth guards at night to protect your teeth.

Back pain with tingling toes

What it can be: Herniated disc

This can happen when you lift heavy objects, such as furniture. This can be caused by a vertebral disc pressing on the nerve. It can damage the nerve permanently if you do not treat it. Consult a doctor as soon as possible

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