Here are 60 tips from 60-year-old women to 30-year-old women

Her proposal has opened the minds of many women, making them ask questions about the purpose and meaning of their lives. More specifically, she saw that doubts usually arose among women who were around 30 years old.

Margaret invited every member of her growing community to share a tip for women who were half their age.

With their advice, honest and profound, they reflected what they would have liked to know three decades ago, when they began to take flight.

Here are the recommendations:

1- Remember that you have one life ; it’s not a dress rehearsal.

2- Try to be positive and look for the good side in every life experience.

3- Think about the here and now.

4- Live every day of your life to the maximum because you never know what is waiting for you just around the corner.

5- Remember that life can change in an instant .

6- Love each step of your life and do not be afraid to go through one of them, because each and every one of these steps are magical.

7- Learn to live in the moment . If you can do it when you are young, it will help you when you are 60 years old.

8- Life is too short to worry about something that will happen in the future. Live the present.

9. Go out and enjoy nature!

10- Looking for a hobby or a job that will make you experience the different sensations of each phase of your life.

11- Be yourselves . Age with dignity.

12. Concentrate on aging in a positive way , not on avoiding old age.

13. Accept changes in your body and mind as you mature.

14. Always be honest with yourself . It’s a slow learning process, but it’s worth it.

15- Keep your memories, but do not be too strict with yourself.

Virginia Woolf was right; a woman needs a room for herself and 500 bucks.

17- Forget the stereotypes that society has about aging.

18. Do not worry about aging. Worry about boredom.

19. Age is just a number , it does not define who you are.

20- Time goes by, whether you like it or not, so start living it fully!

21- Never stop inspiring yourself.

22- Live humbly and save. Train, cultivate, read and travel .

23. Buy classic clothes, they will always be in fashion.

24- Do not waste money on shoes ; men do not look at your feet.

25- Do not fill your life with unnecessary things or people!

26. Be yourselves; shine with your own light. Show yourself present, real, alive and conscious at all times.

27. Do not worry about wrinkles . When they begin to appear on your face, think that they are like a map of your life.

Margaret Manning

28. Live with passion and love, eyes and open hearts. Just be happy.

29. Live the present.

30- Evaluate the small pleasures of life; do not complicate things further.

31- Love and respect your partner and your children in the same way that you want them to love you and respect you.

32. Give your love freely and unconditionally .

33. Have children when you want to have them: there is no key and specific moment.

34- Show empathy with yourself and those around you.

35- Make photos of your best moments , you will be happy to have them when your loved ones will not be there anymore.

36- Learn to forgive.

37- Forget your anger, and let gratitude and joy rule the law in your life.

38- Have a circle of close friends, it’s essential!

39. Valuing your family. She will be with you when others turn away. She will support you throughout the journey of your life.

40- Never go to bed angry with yourself or another person.

41- Tell your partner, friends and family that you love them every day.

42- Enjoy your beauty .

43. Do not waste time worrying about things you can not change; but change the things that can be.

44- Get out of a bad relationship as soon as possible, you can not change the other person.

45- Take care of your skin ! And smile frequently.

46- Trust your instincts and never say bad things about yourself.

47- Be kind to yourself . Do not take into account what you can not control.

48- Learn to laugh at yourself. Do not be so serious!

49- Give yourself time for you every day; laugh and smile all the time.

50- Just be yourself. Do not aspire to perfection.

51- If you have children, love them, but do not try to be a perfect mother.

52- Let your child be your teacher .

53. Be a warrior; learn to have your own resources and to be self-sufficient.

54- Do not be guided by fear.

55- Do not stop learning and strengthen your mind .

56- Show yourself grateful every day, even when it’s a bad day. There is always a lesson in life.

57- Accept the positive aspects of aging, such as having less responsibility and more freedom.

58- Many battles simplify with age.

59. Do not let anyone tell you that you are too old, or too young to do anything!

60- Do not be afraid. When you are old, you will feel good . Life and nature prepare you for every phase of your life.

Source Here are 60 tips from 60-year-old women to 30-year-old women: Huffington Post // Author: Margaret Manning

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