Here are 6 points of the foot to massage to feel better

It is an ancient healing process related to acupuncture, which aims to focus on stimulating the body to achieve a certain balance, to relax and heal it. Of course, this method can not cure everything, but reflexologists are positive about its ability to cure certain problems such as increased blood pressure, stress and sleep disorders.

The four positive effects of this technique on our body are scientifically proven:

  • Improved blood circulation to the kidneys and intestines
  • Positive changes in patients with renal dialysis
  • Relaxation effect with reduced blood pressure and reduced nervousness
  • Reduction of the consequent pain of AIDS, pain in the chest, pain related to diabetes, kidney stones and osteoarthritis

You can now use this foot massage to stimulate the following points and relax your body.

Here are 6 points of the foot to massage to feel better:

The center of the foot

There are many nerves concentrated in this area of ​​the foot. They are related to your diaphragm. Stimulating this point can relieve your body of stress. There are many techniques and methods to massage your diaphragm to reduce stress.

The big toe

Massage your big toe to regulate your appetite, which will make you lose weight, if you accompany this massage with the appropriate exercises.

The center of your big toe

This place is related to the pituitary gland, which is the main hormonal gland. In case you are experiencing hormonal imbalance, stimulating this place will benefit you.

The base of the big toe

This point is related with your thyroid gland. It can relieve stress. You can stimulate this point even if you do not suffer from stress.

Points of the foot: Inside edges of the feet

These areas of the feet are connected to the adrenal gland. If you stimulate these areas, you will raise your energy level.

The area close to the heel

By focusing on this area, you will stimulate the excretory system, and thus eliminate toxins from your body.

Massage your feet every day and focus on these points corresponding to certain organs. You can ask a professional to help you.

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