Here are 5 recipes with Vegan cheeses that will make you forget the real

Whether you are a recent vegan, lactose intolerant, cutting back on animal products, or one of those plant-based vegetarians, “I do not think I could ever give up cheese,” so, this is for you! This may surprise you, but there are other ways to make cheese. Nuts, for example, make an excellent homemade cheese because of their creamy texture and high fat content. If you think there is no way that walnut cheese could replace real cheese, then I challenge you to try at least one of the recipes below and then see what you think.

Here are the top 5 homemade vegan cheeses. Click on the titles to see the recipes.

1. Feta with cooked almonds

This one is one of my favorites. Not only is it extremely easy to do, but it tastes amazing, and in my opinion is even better than the real thing! This cheese can be eaten with crackers or crostini, or even crumbled on top of pasta or pizza. He is really versatile.

2. Ricotta cashew nuts

This recipe is great! You can actually use this mock ricotta just about anywhere you want to use regular ricotta. If you’re thinking about lasagna …

3. Vegan nacho cream

Saint Hannah! This recipe will satisfy all Nacho bone desires in your body. You can eat as a dip or skip the cooking part and heat up and sprinkle it on some nacho chips. If you bring to a party, I doubt that anyone would even know it is vegan. Fun experience, anyone?

Roasted garlic and herbs cheese and fresh cream

This is a great spreadable cheese that can be eaten with crackers or sandwiches; it is also very simple to do.

5. Mozzarella vegan and as a bonus a piza recipe

Imagine the possibilities. This cheese obviously works pizza, but you can also use it for grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta baked, and pretty much nowhere else you eat mozzarella (like on a fork).


I hope this list pleased you as much as I did when I discovered that I could still have delicious cheese tasting, even after I decided to drastically reduce my consumption of animal products. Please share your impressions in the comment section below!


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