Here are 13 reasons why morning reports are the best!

You do not like in the morning? Do you have the greatest difficulty waking up? So that’s the solution to your problem. There is no doubt, getting up and making love is definitely nicer than smashing the snooze button of our old clock radio for half an hour.

Here are the 13 reasons why morning reports will always be the best:

1. You remember it.

This is positive for your partner and you, you will appreciate the debrief without falling of sleep. In theory, it’s more like this: “It was really good? “What position have we taken already? “. From now on, you will have the slightest detail in mind.

2. You will be sure to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Sex in the morning, it wakes you up well! Once the physical effort is over, you attack the day in the best of ways. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have demonstrated that early sex is a natural de-stressing agent and that its effects can last up to a week.

According to Professor Debby Herbenick, it also increases the level of immunoglobins, an antibody that fights viruses and diseases. Basically, it’s like taking vitamins, but much more pleasant!

3. You can forget the sport

It’s still better than going to the gym at 7am before going to work. Scientists confirm this with this figure: one hour of sex costs as many calories as a 30-minute jog. In one hour, a man burns 240 calories, a woman 180.

The choice is quickly made no?

4. Who would not like to start the day with an orgasm?

It’s like Christmas morning, there is a present waiting for you and it will make you happy! So it’s up to you to celebrate Christmas every day.

5. Because you do not have to take off your clothes.

This saves you time, and in the mornings on weekdays, time counts!

Do not hesitate to follow the excellent advice of a great man. Aristotle said, “If everyone is naked, then we should make love. “

6. After, you can carpool.

Who needs to drive to work when he / she is already the driver in bed?

The morning reports are the best!

7. It’s more intimate.

The minutes that belong to us right after we have opened our eyes are special. Most people you see every day do not even know what you look like right now. Except your partner. It is a privilege that it would be stupid not to live thoroughly!

8. Nothing to do with sex in the shower.

The water in the figure, the slippery floor, the shampoo in the eyes … in short, sex in the shower, it is a version much worse than the morning.

You like doing it in the shower, so wait until morning.

9. It means that even sober, you are attracted.

When you make love without being stuffed or smashed, it means that there is hope. And if the light is on, it’s downright consecration!

10. Because you like to tell it to work.

Colleague 1: Have you had a good night?

You: I made love on waking it’s great.

Colleague 2: I’m so stressed.

You: The waking sex could really help you.

Colleague 3: You want to eat where at noon?

You: A place where they sell morning sex.

11. This is the best alternative to coffee.

Sex succeeds in motivating you at normally very difficult hours. A quick tap and you wake up in a way that even coffee does not have the secret! If you become hooked, we understand.

12. You leave on top of your physical and mental fitness.

Sex in the morning can finish the night on a good note. And the continuation is the same, you go to work in a good mood, with a smile to your ears.

13. There is nothing better to wake up.

The post-coit breath, the light of day on your face, making love in the morning makes the awakening at dawn quite exceptional.

Do not hesitate ! Take the plunge and wake up your partner in the best way. You do not take a lot of risks, there is still little chance that you reproach this initiative!

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