Healing by the crystals: 12 evils and their emotional origin to be treated in depth

Lithotherapy, or stone care, has been used all over the planet since the dawn of time. Indeed, the crystals all have a specific vibration that rests on the same vibratory principle as healing by Tibetan bowls that I spoke to you there is little. Each stone has a frequency that corresponds to one of our chakras.

There are some rules to know about stones before choosing them and then using them:

  • Choose a stone that “speaks to you”, do not do it randomly. Your astral sign can help you but it is a complex science to be able to bind lithotherapy and astrology without knowing the planets and their vibrations.
  • Purify there before your first use. The stone has come a long way before it reaches you, it can be loaded with negative energy.
  • Wear it on you to benefit from its benefits, or slip there under your pillow or your mattress
  • Give him an intention. It is necessary that you consciously ask the stone to act for a specific situation so that it devotes all its power to it. Remember, it’s all about vibrations, the intention is also one of them.

Any pain or illness can come from an emotional shock that must be identified to treat the disease as a whole. Treating only on the surface would only repel the problem. Every place of the body where the pain expresses itself therefore has a message to convey. Here are the evils, their emotional origin and what crystals can soothe them:


The headaches come from our inability to make choices. To cure the pain we will use amethyst, while hematite will help us make decisions.

• Amethyst: It is the stone of spirituality. It is recommended for the mourning and to free itself from all forms of dependence (drugs, alcohol, tobacco …) Amethyst helps the concentration, it is particularly effective for the meditation and protects the places of the negative energies which it transforms into love. It corresponds to the seventh chakra, that of the head.

Astrological Signs: Fish, Aries, Sagittarius

Purification: in salt water in the dark and then recharge a little in the sun.

• Hematite: It is a stone that helps anchoring, self-realization, it offers confidence and strength. She is well suited to shy people and helps to express her true needs.

Astrological Signs: Aries, Scorpio

Purification: rub with sea salt.

Neck pain

Inflammation of the neck indicates that you have trouble saying no or forgiving. Green tourmaline will be favored to soothe pain and rhodonite to promote forgiveness.

• Rhodonite: it corresponds to the chakra of the heart. It improves energy exchanges between physical and emotional bodies. If you suffer from stress and your heart rate picks up, placing the stone on your chest will soothe your heart.

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Gemini

Purification: under running water, recharge in the sun.

• Green tourmaline: also connected to the heart chakra, it helps the father’s relationship and is very useful in strengthening family ties in general. Renowned for its stimulating effects, it helps release physical tension.

Astrological Signs: Aries, Capricorn

Purification: in salt water in the sun

Shoulder pain

The pain in the shoulders shows that something is weighing you, you no longer manage your emotions and you take responsibility. You will therefore use malachite to treat the origin of your pain but also the pain connected to it.

• Malachite: corresponds to the chakra of the heart. It must be applied directly to your shoulders to relieve you. It helps to gain confidence and especially to express our truth. Malachite is also used during a transition, when one has to adapt to a new environment.

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio

Purification: In distilled water, do not use salt. Malachite must be cleaned after each use because of its high absorption capacity, it is quickly saturated.

Stomach ache

It may seem logical, the stomach is directly connected to our physical and emotional digestive system. You can suffer from stomach pain when there is an emotion or fact that you do not digest. Ametrine is ideal here to physically relieve but will have to be combined with agate to free oneself of emotional charges.

• Ametrine: This stone is a combination of citrine and amethyst, so it has their common properties. She is the symbol of fullness. Used in the solar plexus, the third chakra, it will relieve gastric pain. It is also effective in getting back on track after a long illness.

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Lion, Fish, Sagittarius

Purification: Under running water once a week, recharges in one hour in the sun.

• Agate: Agate generally enhances the power of other stones. It has the particularity of stabilizing the aura, it is the stone of harmony that balances yin and yang. Agate promotes divine contemplation and the acceptance of all that is. There is a wide variety of agates and its colors are infinitely different. Find the one that will help you.

Astrological signs: vary according to the color of the agate

Purification: After a night in the water, let it recharge at sunrise.

Back pain

Back pain can show you that you lack support and feel abandoned by those around you. Relieve your pain with yellow amber.

• Amber: Its healing power is such that it can be applied to all chakras. It brings joy to everyday life, vitality and comfort. It allows to be more spontaneous in relationships with others. If it is particularly effective for all types of back problems, it also relieves allergies and helps self-healing.

Astrological Signs: Virgo, Gemini, Leo

Purification: under running water, do not place in the sun

To help you visualize your chakras and their colors

Pain in the arms

Elbow pain is related to resistance to change. Arms of stiffness mean that you lack flexibility towards others and especially towards yourself. More generally, having your arm hurt indicates that you are wearing something like a burden. In this case, labradorite will help you stimulate your blood circulation while the aventurine will gently bring you to more compassion.

• Labradorite: associated with the solar plexus chakra, it is said to be the stone of friendship. It amplifies the gift of pleasing and allows for a softer approach to relationships. Physically, she is an asset against fatigue and helps to resolve tensions.

Astrological Signs: Capricorn, Fish, Gemini

Purification: salt distilled water, in full sun

• Aventurine: it is a very soft stone that helps us connect to our inner being. It brings tranquility and allows us to experience greater compassion towards those around us. Adventurine makes us more generous and helps us keep a cool head.

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius

Purification: salt distilled water, a night in the light of the moon and a day in the sun

Hip pain

Hip pain is not trivial. This reflects a difficulty in moving in life, a fear of moving forward in its path and a strong resistance to novelty that intrigues but scares. The anatase is indicated to bring will, determination and courage while the magnetite will allow the energy to recirculate throughout the body.

• Anatase: this stone is particularly powerful. If you attribute to it the intention to have more courage and determination, you may be surprised by the speed of change. In general, it is used to achieve specific goals.

Astrological sign: Fish

Foot pain can be caused by stagnation in our life, the feeling of going around in circles, trampling. The ideal stone to use here is the iron eye which, in addition to being effective on the physical evil, will bring more joy of living.

• The iron eye: combination of jasper, hematite and tiger eye, the iron eye groups the properties of all these stones. It brings determination and momentum to move forward. It is very useful for people who feel drained of all energy. To put directly in a sock at night so that it stays in contact with the foot.

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