He invented a hive house to save bees that everyone can achieve

Bees are often in the headlines because of their ever-dwindling population, apart from Cuba, and the huge involvement in food products. Reports say hives are now disappearing at an alarming rate, largely because of pesticides and pests, as well as climate change.

Many people recognize the seriousness of the problem, and many do their best to help by creating their own hives, which is a relatively easy, but very effective, task to complete. Not only will this help the declining bee populations, but it also means that you can produce your own organic honey for your personal consumption.

A hive house to save bees that everyone can do or almost

All you will need as a material is a pre-fabricated hive kit, plywood and some pots for the main hive, as well as: a 2 “x 12” x 6 ‘piece of wood (cut two pieces to 22 “) each for the sides); a 2 “x 12” x 6 ‘piece of wood (cut two pieces to 18 “each for front and back); a 1 “x 1” x 6 ‘piece of wood (cut two pieces at 22 “each for the left and right sides of the top frame); a 1 “x 1” x 6 ‘piece of wood (cut two pieces to 18 “each for the front and back sides of the frame); a piece of thick plywood cut to 16 “x 20”; 12 large jars for the honeycomb; a box of wood screws; and of course, your bees.(Dimensions in inches)

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The plywood will serve as a frame for the hive kit and can therefore be stained, but you choose. 12 holes should then be drilled into the 16 “x 20” piece of plywood that should be large enough to screw the jars.

After that, the top frame can be made by screwing together the four 18 “and 22” plywood pieces, which can also be stained in any color.

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Then disinfect each of the 12 jars before screwing them upside down in the holes and before adding pucks or wedges inside the pots to support the weight of the honey that will be there later. Once the pot lids have been screwed in, they should fit snugly into the drilled holes with a gap of less than 1/16 “between the pot and the hole in the hive.

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After positioning primer strips or empty shelves inside the pots, you can now add your bees. They will be immediately attracted to the baitbands and start their work, making honey. Once the pots are full of honey, you can close the lids so that the bees continue to work while the honey is harvested.

You will notice that the jars will warm up quickly when the lids are above because there is no ventilation. Therefore, they must be kept in the shade.

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