He creates a series of 30 illustrations of everyday love for his wife

The cartoonist Andrew Hou preferred to express his feelings to his wife through his pencil rather than his words and words. He therefore chose to expose as simply as possible his vision of one of the greatest forces that remains in our world: Love.

Born in Canada, Andrew is a Chinese national. His wife Kate is Korean. They live together in Seoul, the South Korean capital, since they got married five years ago.

“Since Korean is not my mother tongue, it did not help …” he told the Huffington Post, “… so to make some tender and tasty drawings, to the explicit messages, was a way of circumventing more effective at this problem. “

1. Love is … memories …

Andrew started this series of love illustrations, called “HJ-Story” in honor of his wife and the initials of his Korean first and last names, in 2010. He started “the adventure” by holding to regularly update a blog. Then, having more and more fans following him, he decided to create a Facebook page, which currently has more than 430,000 people!

At the beginning of their relationship, Andrew and Kate used the illustrations as a way to stay connected to each other.

“Kate was very busy with her work as a teacher, and I on my side was very busy with my job. We did not have much time either or even to talk on the phone. So, while I was in the office, I pretended to be thoroughly in what I had to do. Instead, I created these little drawings and I sent them by MMS to Kate on her mobile phone. “

2. The difference in speed: “I’m going to work … and I’m going to find you! “

Thanks to these small illustrations of love, Andrew hopes that the people who follow him will have a greater consideration for those little moments that make the beauty of a love relationship.

“We are all so busy and busy with our work that we forget about those little moments, which are very, very important …”

3. Love is … to think that you are beautiful while you do mundane things

4. Love is … doing things we love to do together!

> 5. Love is … keep the last one for you

6. Love is … cuddle you and tell me it’s the best thing in the world …

7. Love is … standing up when I fall

8. Love is … learning to love what you love

9. Love is … adapting to the lifestyle of the other

10. Love is … telling me stories …

11. Love is … the most beautiful gift!

12. Love is … being with you during a stormy day

13. Love is … a sacrifice …

14. Love is … recognition

15. Love is … taking care of yourself when you get sick

16. Love is … bursting with laughter together

17. “Sun of my life”

18. Love is … go crazy when you’re with me

19. Love is … when your happiness comes first

20. Love is … overcoming obstacles together

21. Love is … growing old with you …

22. Love is … make me beautiful for you!

23. Read in your thoughts

24. Love is … to think that I was unhappy … until I met you

25. Love is … to make you come first, no matter what is at stake

26. Love is … stay awake until late with you …

27. Love is … to follow your heart

28. Love is … to talk about everything with you!

29. Even skating love is always present

30. Have a nice holiday

Illustrations of everyday love for his wife: If you want to see other illustrations of this artist, visit his Facebook page, his Instagram account or buy his book!

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