Having frequent intimate relationships could help improve memorization

There are many health benefits to having regular reports. They can lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer, elevate your mood, and may even cure headaches and other mild pain. But there is also another unexpected benefit to having intimate relationships regularly.

Recent research has indicated that women who have more relationships have a better memory, especially for the memorization of abstract words that are presented to them. With a good memory, your vocabulary will expand, offering better speaking, reading and writing skills.

At McGill University, seventy-eight heterosexual women were invited to participate in the study that uncovered these findings. In the past, studies have shown that more regular intimate relationships can increase the capacity of memory in general, but this study has sought to find a stronger link.

The participants, aged eighteen to twenty-nine, all considered healthy, were invited to remember the words and images of the faces. It was found that there was a clear correlation between the number of words they remembered and the frequency with which the participants engaged in intimate relationships. Face images do not seem to affect the results. For this reason, the researchers concluded that there was more than one connection between the memory of abstract words and the regularity of relationships.

Once the results were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers began to do more research to see why these results appeared. It is now believed that reports can promote tissue growth around the hippocampus. The hippocampus is part of the medial temporal lobe and, in addition to being associated with influential emotions, it is thought that this part of the brain is essential to the functions of memory.

What does that mean? Well, it is possible that if intimate relationships increase the tissues of the hippocampus, these long-term memory functions will improve. The language is controlled in the hippocampus, so when it starts to deteriorate with age, problems such as dementia occur. If intimate relationships can work to the contrary, it is likely that language will improve and our vocabulary may grow.

There is a simple explanation that they have not improved their visual memory.

The hippocampus is not responsible for all types of memory. It is thought that despite the fact that it deals with language, spatial awareness and emotion, tissue enhancement would not help the hippocampus to remember faces because it’s just not his job. The brain is a complex organ, and finding correlations with memory, and some functions is a difficult task.

Maybe in the future, scientists will understand what can improve facial recognition, but for the moment, it’s good to know that regular intimate relationships can improve certain brain functions.

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