Harvard scientists have studied the real impact of watching movies for adults

Having a healthy physical desire is a very good feature, but some of us have a little too much. Watching porn is often the outlet we use to let some of that energy out, because most people think it’s healthy. Apparently, this is not the case according to a study conducted at Harvard.

While these Harvard researchers plan to focus on the physical impacts of adult film viewing on their bodies later, they focus primarily on the mental repercussions they suffer. It was found that those who used to watch porn on a regular basis were really addicted because of the release of dopamine into our brain when we experience something pleasant.

The real impact of watching adult movies:

The abuse of dopamine is at the root of many addictions and mental disorders. So when you turn on your favorite porn site, the excitement causes the release of dopamine in the brain, which excites you even more. Thus, the circle is complete and ready to take another turn.

After further research, more interesting facts have been discovered regarding the effect of dopamine. After a while, the subjects in the porn you watch will not be as stimulating as they were in the beginning. This is because your brain has been desensitized because of all this dopamine that you release regularly.

What was once exhilarating became rather boring, now what are our options? We want more and more, we can not deny it. Of course, we take the level above. Watching porn or extreme videos with unusual activities seems like the next logical step. This is where some people arrive if they are not careful.

Some even had trouble with the law for porn that they decided to watch. They may have only sought to meet their needs, but there are types of pornography that are illegal to watch or download and certainly illegal to produce. In other words, pay attention!

Seeking more and more extreme porn can have a bigger impact on your life and relationships than you think. If this is your current situation, the researchers recommend some therapy or advice to control the problem. For more serious cases, some medications are available to help curb impulses, but you need to seek help from a health professional for this.

In the end, porn is addictive and, if you choose to keep watching it, stay cautious. Do your best not to get carried away and limit the time you spend there.

It is also interesting that not everyone is addicted, in small doses it is not harmful at all, it is all about moderation. However, others may be more sensitive, especially if they already have an addiction to something else like alcohol or drugs.

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