Happy people do not speak badly about others

They know your name but do not know your story, they did not live in your skin, they did not wear your shoes. The only thing that others know about you is what you told them, but they do not know your angels or your demons.

Some people give their opinion on a situation, even if no one asked them their opinion.

The goal of these masked critics is to hurt, scorn and take advantage of others’ worries.

People who do this are so low in their self-esteem that they can not accept themselves or accept others.

Nobody is able to decode the feelings of others. We struggle to understand ourselves, and we never really know what others are living, feeling, learning or suffering.

Thus, we should not give importance to what others say about us, because their words obey an illusory reality that their mind has created, driven by the desire to know everything.

The most unhappy people in this world are those who worry too much about what others think of them.

Be strong in the face of criticism

With every stone that is thrown at me

I build my fortress

Elvira Sastre

If you listen too often to criticism, you endanger your well being and your emotional balance.

That’s why it’s better to spend time improving yourself and improving your surroundings.

You do not need to criticize or be criticized, but you have to worry about correcting your mistakes, until you reach a higher level of emotional well-being.

If we go beyond ourselves in terms of personal fulfillment, we will gain in safety, respect, humility, generosity and honesty.

We can not live pretending to be perfect, but it is important to maintain an attitude of constant progress that gives us the opportunity to live our lives without submitting, without blackmail or emotional dependence.

Happy people do not speak badly about others

Ilustrations of bruniewska and Chichi Huang

Sanitize your damaged part

Do not pay attention to what others are doing or stopping doing, pay attention to what you are doing or what you are stopping doing. Buddha

To clean up the emotional hurt that criticism provokes in us, we must first understand that we are unique and exceptional people.

From there, we must remove fear and think of ourselves.

Non-constructive criticism brings with it a great emotional poverty in the closed world of the person who utters it.

Thus, if the person does not wish to think for himself, it is better to show selfishness and that everyone deals with his affairs.

But how do you deal with the emotional damage caused by critics? We will think about it for a moment …

  • The direct consequence of giving importance to what others think and say about us is that we end up turning ourselves into people we are not. To want to please others to the point of losing our identity is absolutely not healthy.
  • Are you a good mother? Are you a successful person? Are you smart? Do you do your job well? Do you like others? Do you realize all the energy you lose by worrying about what others think of you?
  • Although we tend to think that we are the center of others’ eyes, in reality, what we do and stop doing is not very important to them. That is, others think much less about us than we believe.
  • It does not matter if you do something in one way rather than another, there will always be someone who misinterprets it. Try to live and act as you please. Be natural and realize that the only way to be in harmony with yourself is to do what you feel every moment.

Do not wait for others to understand your trip, especially if they have never had to go your way.

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