Guess which banana is best for you and your health

Banana is a fruit that is excellent for health. There are several varieties of bananas. Each variety offers a range of health benefits, depending on its origin and the season of its harvest. Banana has been scientifically proven to be a substitute for certain medications and a natural treatment against certain diseases.

But not all varieties of bananas have these therapeutic properties. One variety is better than another. Here’s how to guess which banana you need.

Here are the results of a scientific research conducted in Japan for which banana is the best:

Fully mature bananas produce TNF, or Necrotizing Tumor Factor, a substance that has the ability to fight off abnormal cells.

When they ripen, they develop dark spots on their skin. The more stains, the more healthy they are. Bananas with dark spots contain more substances that stimulate your immune system.

Fully ripe bananas are perfect for your digestive tract, because sugar is easily absorbed, unlike green bananas that are difficult to digest because their starch is not converted to sugar.

The amount of cells providing an anti-cancer effect depends on the degree of maturity of your fruit. The more ripe bananas, the more anti-cancer properties they have.

Guess which banana is your best health: History

Fruit with a sweet white pulp, the banana, which takes its name from the word banana, “finger” in Bantu, made its appearance in Southeast Asia around 500 BC . Long ignored by humans, it is finally domesticated by the Chinese who integrate gradually to their diet. It is only by sea expeditions that bananas are finally found in South America and the West Indies, where humidity and tropical temperatures are perfectly suited to its culture.


A banana that has had time to ripen has also had time to develop its plant substance. The plant substance of the banana protects the body from cancer cells. This substance is called “tumor necrosis factor”. (Tumor Necrosis Factor)

The substance of the banana is able to target the risk cells in the body to destroy them. In addition to the antioxidant values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are at their best level of efficiency when the banana is ripe. Antioxidants are essential in your diet because this is how the body manages to produce white blood cells, responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system, thus making you more resistant to viral diseases and degenerative.

The mechanism

The longer a banana is ripe, the better for your health. A ripe banana is up to 8 times more beneficial. The brown spots that appear on the fruit are the sign of a maturation that promotes your good health. TNF is a potent cytokine that improves the flow of blood between cells and the immune system.

The immune system will be able to detect more quickly the cells at risk.Il will also be able to react more effectively.De addition, the inflammations will be less resistant.

The cytokine is what will be able to detect the cells at risk and destroy them. The mechanism of the cytokine is equivalent to that of lentinan, which is an intravenous drug.

So wait until the fruit has reached a good level of ripening to take advantage of all its therapeutic properties. It is advisable, for that, to preserve the banana with food film, or to put the bananas in the refrigerator in order to accelerate the process.

Even if a yellow banana tastes better than a green banana, the starch it contains is only beneficial for your metabolism. If you have diabetes, do not eat it in large quantities. One of the ways to consume this fruit in a safe way is to make a mix of green bananas and yellow bananas, in a delicious smoothie.

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