Grow a lemon tree from seed in your home!

Lemons contain a lot of vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus … Although they can not constitute a balanced meal as such, they undoubtedly offer a huge list of benefits that can complement the rest of our diet . Some citrus fruits are easier to grow than others.

Fortunately, two of the best can be grown in your own garden. By growing them yourself, you can experience the difference in freshness and quality, and keep your body away from all pesticides.

1. Lemons

It is recommended to buy a young tree (two to three years). This way you will get better results. Choose a clay pot with many holes in the bottom of the pot. The pot must be larger than the root ball of your tree. As the tree grows, you will have to transfer it to a pot about 30 to 40 cm deep and 40 to 50 cm in diameter. Put the tree in the pot. Put some stones in the pot’s drain pan to improve air circulation. Afterwards, fill the pot with good quality soil. To know: certain types of ground are particularly prepared for the cultivation of these fruit trees, they will certainly give much better results.

And that’s all. Make sure the place where you put the pot gives the tree 8 to 10 hours of sunshine every day. And do not forget to water it regularly. Keep in mind that you should not overwater your young tree. A lemon tree takes about 7 to 9 months to ripen, so when he has put on his beautiful colors, he is ready.

You can also grow a lemon tree from a seed.

You will need:

  • A citron bio
  • Fertile soil, preferably peat, vermiculite, perlite, and natural fertilizers
  • A flowerpot that is 15 cm wide and 15 cm deep
  • A seed pot that is about 60 cm wide and 30 cm deep
  • A place of sunny indoor culture and possibly a culture lamp

Follow these steps to grow a lemon tree:

  • Moisten your soil but do not water it.
  • Fill a smaller pot with a little soil, leaving just one inch below the edge of the pot.
  • Take a lemon seed and clean it.
  • Plant the seed; it must be moistened. Plant it about 1 cm deep in the middle of the pot.
  • Afterwards, lightly spray the soil above the planted seed.
  • Cover the pot with a clear plastic film, then seal the edge of the pot with an elastic band. Make many small holes in the plastic (for example, with a pencil).
  • Place the pot in a place that is both warm and sunny.
  • Spray regularly to keep the soil moist, without soaking it.
  • After two weeks, when the shoot appears, remove the plastic film from the pot and use a culture lamp if your plant needs more light.
  • Take care of your plant by keeping the soil moist. Your plant should receive 8 hours of good light every day. And give him a biological fertilizer but in moderate doses.
  • Make sure your tree is not attacked by certain diseases or insects. Use some natural pesticides (ex: nettle manure) if you think your tree needs it. Also remove the faded leaves. Protect the young tree!
  • When your young plant is no longer in the pot, transfer it to a larger pot. You will have to follow the same procedure for transferring pot. Young plants need more water than older ones, but both need enough water.

2. Mandarins

How can you grow them?

If you want to grow a mandarin tree indoors, we recommend choosing a young tree because you will have a higher success rate than plants grown from a seed. Prepare the pot as for the lemon tree (holes in the bottom, drainage with stones). Finally, and importantly, give your young tree enough light.

Mandarins can be cultivated indoors because in principle they do not measure more than two meters high. Water the freshly planted tree every day, but moderately. As soon as the roots of the plant burst the drainage holes of the pot, use a larger pot. Collect the fruits as soon as they begin to be orange because then they begin to lose their flavor.

Tip: Be careful when picking fruits. Try to leave the little button at the top of the fruit.

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