Most therapeutic approaches are based on the management of so-called negative emotions. Most humans surrender to this conditioning unconsciously. Without them realizing it, they are bogged down in a mechanism of permanent struggle. Psychic struggle generates stress and stress is the first cause of physical, psychic and emotional imbalance.

Yet so-called negative emotions, such as fear, anger and sadness are highly beneficial! On the one hand for the balance of the physical body: They generate epigenetic modifications capital to the maintenance of the health and allow the passage of the water inside the cells. On the other hand, they contribute to a serene mental state and a healthy emotional system. But these emotions only become beneficial if you do not fight against them!

My “approach” is based on what I call “The Power of Home”. It is not a “tool”, but a state of being natural. If you suffer from physical, psychological or emotional problems or if you want to taste more intensely what is well-being, I humbly invite you to do this little exercise, whenever a so-called negative emotion appears:

1) Recognize her:

Give him your attention for a moment, saying: “Dear emotion, I see you.”

2) Ask yourself if it belongs to you?

You will see that this is never the case. It appears to you, you are the witness, but it does not belong to you at all. At the same time, I advise you to stop saying “I’m sad, I’m angry or scared” and use “I see sadness, fear or anger”.

3) Welcome her with kindness:

Just tell him: “Dear emotion, you do not belong to me, but I finally give you the right to live with dignity”. Yes, with dignity, because this poor emotion has been banished many times! How many times have you rejected it forcefully …? Even if she does not like you, does she not have the right to exist? Imagine that emotion is an orphan child, who comes knocking on your door. He is thin, he is suffering terribly. He did not choose to be called “anger, fear or sadness”. He did not choose to be an orphan and even less to suffer all this violence and rejection of him. Do you slam the door in his face, because his head does not suit you?

The only thing this child (orphan emotion) needs is: a little attention, a little love and a welcome space. If you open the door for him, then you finally give him the chance to heal! Allow me a little parenthesis: It is absolutely not necessary to understand why an emotion manifests itself. Understanding does not bring about lasting change. On the contrary, you will weigh down your poor mind with more questions and analyzes, which will never allow emotional reception. If you have to understand something, the information will come to you spontaneously. Yes, life is that simple! Of course, for most deeply conditioned human beings, “understanding” is their “leitmotif”. But life does not need to be understood. She only asks to be lived.

4) Drink some water.

When you use your “Power of Welcome”, the cells of the body can become hydrated again. The passage of water inside these is again possible. Water is the first source of energy needed for any balance. Understand, that it does not serve you any good to start a process of personal development or to take supplements, if your body resembles an arid ground. You can nourish your body with the best foods, but if it lacks water, it does not have the energy to extract the precious nutrients!

All the seeds that you are going to sow, will only be able to bear fruit, if you are concerned above all with the quality of this earth (of this body). And how many flowers can you hatch, if your body is in the “desert”? Also understand that drinking plain water is not only beneficial for physical functions, since it directly influences your mental and emotional state.

5) The welcome is not the expectation of a change.

If you wait until your physical, psychic and emotional problems disappear, then you will wait forever. To welcome is to embrace all inner manifestation, without judgment and with unconditional love, which is your deep nature. Maybe you just forgot it?

Observe what happens during the minutes, hours and days to follow at the physical, mental and emotional levels … and above all …

6) Thank you!

Most human beings give thanks to innumerable things, except to themselves. I invite you to thank you, to congratulate you, to value you, to be proud of you! Because you are unique in the world and so precious to humanity, but maybe you missed it too …?

(Excerpts from the book “The Power of Home – reborn in a single moment”)

I wish you all the welcome of the world!

Bright thoughts

Nassrine Reza

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