Generation sacrificed: endocrine disruptors destroy children’s brains

In 2007, Mike Judge directed Idiocracy, a movie that predicted the intellectual impoverishment of the entire population in the United States. The reason: reproduction; the elites were more and more timid at the thought of conceiving children, while the rednecks – the beasts – with very limited intelligence continued valiantly to perpetuate the species. The drop in IQ was so dramatic that an intelligence quotient of 100 in 2505 is considered to be the highest intelligence quotient of all time! If the causes of the return to stupidity are pure fiction, the finding is still relevant: the IQ of the world population down.

“We are becoming more and more stupid. It’s happening right now. It will not stop. […] If we do nothing, the civilization based on intelligence will go in the opposite direction. And everything suggests that it is already happening. Edward Dutton

The first results came from Finland. The British anthropologist Edward Dutton, specializing in the evolution of intelligence, has published a shattering study in the journal Intelligence. Based on the IQ tests of young Scandinavian soldiers during their incorporation, he realized that the curve was reversing. While IQ was steadily increasing until the mid-1990s, it suddenly began to plummet by 2 points per decade in just 20 years. The IQ of the new recruits has dropped by 4 points on average, and these observations are not confined to Northern Europe, all the other countries are concerned: Estonia, France and Germany in the lead.


When I see these data, I immediately think of the thyroid. Why the thyroid? To answer this question, just think of cretinism. “Far from it the idea to point fingers at students who have difficulty in appropriating mathematical or linguistic concepts, Barbara Demeneix refers to the congenital disease of the nineteenth century that was then called” cretinism. ” The endocrinologist recalls that this affliction was characterized by a small size, a mental retardation, and very often the appearance of a goitre – a voluminous increase of the thyroid gland. It will be necessary to wait for the work of Peter Pharaoh, British medical officer practicing in Papua New Guinea, to understand that the cretinism of the children is directly related to the iodine deficiency of the pregnant mothers.

“We know that children who have one IQ point less lose 2% of productivity in their lives. A child has an average productivity of $ 1 million in his lifetime. If you do the math, every IQ lost costs $ 20,000 per child. Dr. Leonardo Trasande, pediatrician

A deficiency that continues to cause damage within the great world powers: The World Health Organization has found an iodine deficiency in nearly 50 countries including France, Spain, Germany … And Italy , in Sicily more precisely. In the 1970s, Dr. Francesco Vermiglio noticed that many students from mountain villages suffered from a slight intellectual retardation. He decided to follow the evolution of 2 groups of mothers, one living on the coasts and the other in the mountains, by measuring their iodine and thyroid hormones during their pregnancy. Their children have been tested over 10 years and the report is clear: 11 children in the mountains were suffering from attention disorders and hyperactivity. Dr. Vermiglio’s work clearly establishes a link between iodine deficiency during pregnancy and IQ reduction in newborns. And the practitioner to remind that the consumption of fish and salt iodine remains the only solution to prevent cretinism: once ingested, the iodine is fixed by the thyroid to produce the famous thyroid hormones essential to the cerebral development of the baby.

Generation sacrificed: endocrine disruptors destroy children’s brains


Iodine deficiency alone does not explain these sudden drops in IQ: it is the endocrine disruptors that are at the root of all these mental disorders. Fluorine, chlorine and bromine produce chemical molecules that are extremely similar to thyroid hormones that can be assimilated by the body and thus completely upset our thyroid development. We are exposed daily to these harmful chemicals for our health and that of our children, starting with PCBs. Derived from chlorine, they are used extensively in electrical transformers, paint, glue and plastic. Despite their ban in the 80s, PCBs have never really left us: reduced in the form of dust, they seep into our fish, our meat, our dairy products and land on our plates.

“The chemicals evaporate and fall into the dust. The dust settles on our hands and so when we eat, we end up swallowing them. Children who drag in the dust and put their hands in their mouths have rates that can be 3 to 5 times, or even 30 times higher than those of their parents. Brenda Eskenazi, epidemiologist

Thomas Zoeller has studied the consequences of consuming PCB-soaked cookies in pregnant rats: “[Their little ones] had nerve cells in the wrong place. The expression of certain genes important in brain function was disordered. This means that PCBs can interact with the thyroid hormone receptor and change brain development. “. The link between the PCB level in pregnant mothers and the decline in IQ in their children is no longer in doubt: the population is exposed to chemicals that can “subtly” alter the brain.


Another endocrine disruptor that is particularly present in our environment is soberly called “the flame retardant”, derived from chlorine and bromine, which permeate our smartphones, our screens, our televisions, some sofa covers and mattresses. In the 1960s, industrialists imposed a flame retardant – the Tris – in all American homes, even in the pajamas of infants! The scientist Arlene Blum then decides to conduct experiments on these products dripping with Tris. His conclusion is clear: Tris is a mutagen that can cause cancer. His article in the journal Science has the effect of a bomb: 50 million American children were directly affected by the toxicity of Tris! It took only 3 months for the Tris to disappear permanently from the shelves.

“The tests we conducted on treated foams and untreated foams showed that there was no difference in retarding the fire. Inez Tenenbaum before the US Senate Committee

The industry did not admit it for so little they traded Tris for bromine, which has become the new standard. And with states like California that imposes flame retardants in all objects including those of nursery nursing pads, baby seats …), why deprive yourself? This is where Arlene Bloom resurfaces. After having traveled to the highest peaks in the world, this experienced mountain climber descended from her mountains to confront the descendants of Tris. In 2011, she tested no less than one hundred baby products. Imagine her exasperation when she discovered that 80% of them literally bathed in trischloré this famous component removed from the sale … The industrialists (on) exploit the fear of fire to sell their odious cargo, but sometimes it is not enough: Senator Mark Leno definitively changes the California law by making flame retardants optional. It’s little, but it’s better than nothing.

Generation sacrificed: endocrine disruptors destroy children’s brains


We are staying in California this time to address fluorine, chlorine, and bromine pesticides. You should know that the “America’s Salad Bowl” is the largest pesticide user in the country, and too bad if the population suffers. Epidemiologist Brenda Eskenazi has been studying the effects of pesticides on human health for two decades. In the 2000s, she launched an ambitious study on the long course soberly titled “Chamacos” – children in Spanish – to know the effects of pesticides on unborn children. 600 pregnant women volunteer, many of whom come from farming families. The researcher and his team collect no less than 200 samples containing blood, dust from the home. The results of this exemplary study by its duration and its follow-up are cold in the back …

“We observed abnormal reflexes in newborns, intellectual retardation in 2-year-olds, IQ drop in 7-year-olds. There was also an increase in attention problems and an increase in autistic symptoms. Brenda Eskenazi, epidemiologist.

Autism has literally exploded in California: between 1990 and 2001, the number of children with autism increased by 600%; 1 in 68 children is now diagnosed as autistic! A rise that does not spare the rest of the country. In spite of ever more effective detection techniques, Professor Irva Hertz-Picciotto explains that 2/3 of cases of autism remain incomprehensible – a subtle way of saying “unnatural”. The principle of pesticides and killing living organisms by targeting their brain directly. They have been designed to attack brain function. They are – alas – logical that these products, so harmful to the pests of small size, have devastating effects on the human being. Organophosphate pesticides have been shown to be a risk factor during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy; evidence accumulates, but no concrete measures are decided, and teachers can only note, helplessly, the ravages of pesticides in the new generations.

Generation sacrificed: endocrine disruptors destroy children’s brains


Oscar Ramos is a professor of schools in the agricultural region of Salinas, California. In just 20 years, he has seen his students become increasingly dissipated and less and less studious: “I see more and more children suffering from health problems: more migraines, more asthma, more problems of concentration, or difficulty staying calm. Learning difficulties … I have seen all this increase over the years, and it is very disturbing. “. There is no legal distance between fields and public buildings, nor dwellings. Children in agricultural areas are exposed daily to horrendous amounts of pesticides spread on every occasion on every piece of arable land.

“We are literally robbing our people of their intellectual potential. Not only is the number of children in need of help significantly increasing, but the number of very talented children is decreasing. Thomas Zoeller, researcher

The children of the cities are not spared as much. If they do not undergo mass spraying, they are confronted with pesticides as soon as a relative makes use of a spray against cockroaches and roaches. Researcher at Columbia University, Virginia Raugh gave an MRI to 40 children including 12 exposed in utero pesticides that “protect” the California fields. She wanted to know if pregnant women’s exposure to pesticides could change the brain anatomy of their future children: “Yes, it is clear that the children most exposed to chlorpyrifos had structural changes in their brains. And these areas correspond to attention, and self-control. The pesticide in question and since banned from indoor products but continues to gangrene foodstuffs from all over the country …

Generation sacrificed: endocrine disruptors destroy children’s brains


Barbara Demeneix remains skeptical despite considerable advances in the knowledge of pesticides: “We do not know how many molecules alter the brain. There are so many and there are so few tests to answer this question that we do not know how many chemical molecules can affect the action of the thyroid hormone. “. Until then, many researchers thought that the placenta was an impermeable, impassable barrier. But new studies have proven the opposite: varnishes, detergents, cosmetics, packaging, plastic and anti-bacterial soap are filled with chemicals that penetrate the placenta to attach directly to the fetus.

“Every baby born today in the United States has more than 100 measurable chemical molecules in the blood. The American Chemical Industry Council commented on this figure by claiming that the presence of these molecules does not necessarily mean they are dangerous … “Thomas Zoeller, researcher

The endocrinologist wants to identify the substances that disrupt the thyroid. She is therefore testing tadpoles, whose thyroid hormones are in all respects similar to ours. It injects a detonating cocktail of 15 chemicals found in pregnant women – bisphenol A, heavy metals, pesticides … Result: the concoction acts directly on the tadpole hormone, and by extension on unborn children. On several hundred molecules tested in the laboratory, 65% are particularly harmful for the thyroid function, 2/3 of the chemical agents that we live in everyday life …

The chemical industry can sleep well: its billions of dollars in sales and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that depend on it are not likely to bend governments. However, the addition of the intellectual impoverishment of the population could prove more salty than expected: 217 billion dollars for Europe, and 340 billion nothing in the United States according to the calculations of Leonardo Trasande. The European Union has still not taken any action on this, and the United Kingdom persists and signs by once again authorizing flame retardants on all sorts of objects.

We will likely need a generation of sacrificed children for the government to measure the scale of the phenomenon. While waiting for our governments to do what they are elected to do – to protect us – doctors advise women to measure their iodine levels very regularly during pregnancy. In sufficient quantity in the body, iodine acts as a natural barrier and remains our best protection against the toxicity of endocrine disruptors.

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