French invent a connected T-shirt that detects the beginnings of a stroke

“Unfortunately this is a sad reality, says the doctor Jean-Michel Tarlet. I suffered from not knowing the heart rate of my patients at homeThat’s how we got the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis T-shirt, “says this cardiologist living in Aix en Provence.

It was his friend – and patient – Pierre-Paul Goiffon who assured him that the technology of connected textiles now allowed to realize this invention. A few years later, the two men created their start-up, @ -Health, soon listed on the stock market (in February or March) and which will market in April of T-shirts and brassiere connected.

Every ten seconds, the two connected T-shirt sensors (only 45 millimeters in diameter) record a complete electrocardiogram. Every 30 seconds they send it via the smartphone to the @ – Health servers. Here, an algorithm sorts it out: “It determines whether you’re just climbing stairs four or four, or if you’re having atrial fibrillation [the beginnings of a stroke],” says David Coulon, youth technical director. society. In case of concern, the two nurses and the cardiologist present 24 hours a day are solicited. They make a diagnosis and can alert the doctor … Or even call the SAMU in case of serious accident.

The subscription will cost 40 euros per month

“Previously, we had no way to detect the first signs of a stroke (or other heart problem) in real time,” says Dr. Jean-Michel Tarlet. “With Cardionexion, you are monitored like on the bed of an intensive care unit except that you can live normally and go to the restaurant,” adds Pierre-Paul Goiffon.

Cardionexion provides electrocardiograms of the same quality as those made at the hospital. – J.-M. Tarlet

The service is charged 40 euros per month, plus the purchase of the T-shirt or the bra (125 euros, it passes of course the machine!) @ -Health is in contact with mutuals who could pay the equipment, with retirement homes that could equip their patients.

“We will of course ask for reimbursement of social security too … But it is very long, especially for a modern device,” breathed Pierre-Paul Goiffon, convinced that many patients will make the investment themselves: “When you had a first stroke, you found yourself aphasic or paralyzed … You think very quickly, especially for 40 euros per month. “

A connected babygros to avoid sudden infant death

For the moment, about fifteen people are testing the product. “We have already saved lives,” says Pierre-Paul Goiffon. Dr. Tarlet says: “We are following a quadra that had a first stroke in October. He recovered perfectly, but the classic exams did not know what he had. She was sailed in December. Five weeks later, he had atrial fibrillation. We could identify his rhythm disorder and give him the right treatment. “

Their goal is to equip more than 60,000 people in the next 3 years. @ -Health, which now employs two full-time people (more than many providers), wants to export its invention worldwide. The start-up also plans to develop a connected babygros to prevent sudden infant death.

Predictive medicine is in its infancy, enthuses Jean-Michel Tarlet. In 100 years, your phone will tell you one morning that you have a small bowel cancer. And it will not matter at all, since it will be diagnosed very, very early! “

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