For a new body: 1 Exercise. 4 minutes. 28 days.

The board is among the most important exercises for strengthening the central part of the body. Beginners will find that this exercise is very simple and will most likely skip it. The board melts fat around the stomach, strengthens the internal and external muscles of the back and upper trunk, glutes, arms and legs.

Doing the board is like doing push-ups, the muscles contract in the same way during the two exercises, favoring the same muscular reinforcement.

To have a new body, the vertical position is of great importance for these exercises. When you stand on your elbows and toes, your whole body should form a straight line. With a good breathing and using the abdominal muscles, try to maintain and maintain the right neck and head. Your weight is shared between the elbows and legs and balanced through the glutes. After targeting the right balance, all you have to do is surpass yourself during these 28 days of challenge.

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