For 1 month, he banned industrial food.

Sacha (that’s his name) voluntarily deprived himself of all that was processed food by banishing industrial food, added sugars, saturated fat and alcohol. Given our contemporary eating habits, such a diet is equivalent to a real weaning: our body is so used to these “ingredients” that no longer swallowing immediately makes you feel a sensation of lack similar to that of the drug addict suddenly deprived of its substances !

For Sacha, it is precisely this lack that has been the hardest to bear. At least during the first two weeks. Because, beyond, the experience took a turn frankly more pleasant.

Before even getting into sports, eating less or swallowing “light” products, the surest way to lose weight and gain strength is to start by eliminating as much as possible of the food processed by the industry, the same one that is saturated with fat and sugar (not to mention chemicals …)

Said like that, it seems obvious but, everyday, it requires a real courage. Especially the first days, when the lack is strong and the temptation is great, especially in a universe where the junk food has a storefront!

This video proves that it is possible, and this is his first merit. Eating well is a bit like quitting smoking: it’s not easy … but achievable!

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