Flour painting: easy, ecological and inexpensively

* Heat an old pot, pour 300g of flour with 300ml of water, when it starts to heat, pour 3 liters of water while stirring (as for a white sauce), and bring to a boil for 10 minutes (and you have a white sauce without the butter).

* Then add 600g of pigment, and 300ml of linseed oil, bring to the boil again for 30 minutes.

* Let it cool, it’s ready, we made 3 liters of Swedish paint.

You can add a little black soap (for the texture), and iron sulphate (better outdoor performance against moss, to banish indoors).

Use of flour paint

* Clean the wood before application (a blow of high pressure cleaner is perfect), I advise you to remove the existing paint or stain (or rough sand).

* Paint with a brush or wide brush, no risk of soiling (the paint is easy to clean with water), do not skimp on the paint.

* The painting will take at least 5 years to see even more. To make a white paint, replace the pigments with Meudon white.

I see only advantages

– manufacturing at will

single-layer (perfect covering power on bare wood)

– dry in 1 hour at 20 ° C

– ridiculous cost (0.20 € of flour, 4.5 € of pigment, 1 € of linseed oil, 0.30 € of electricity for the cooking), that is to say 2 € the liter of painting which says better

– Clean tools with water

ecological and healthy with its basic raw materials (whereas commercial paints are stuffed into dangerous volatile components)

– 5 to 10 years guarantee (see even more)

In addition it is a real pleasure to create his painting to repaint outdoor woods, children willingly participate in this activity, which brings a touch of joy in the garden.

The essential base of this painting are the pigments, this powder will give color to your painting, let you find the one you like. You can find it everywhere on the net, and do-it-yourself superstores sometimes have it, I could advise you this supplier () or this one; for my part I used synthetic pigments that I was given, red ocher and yellow ocher, tints there may be also the cooking water of beets or turmeric? coffee or tea? a decoction of poppies?

Natural pigments color here:

To decorate your interior, dare to paint lime, simple, economical, ecological, for a timeless result.

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