Find out which part of your body is fatter and how to do it with

Sugars, fats, salt … it is the most widespread overweight in the world. You absolutely must reduce these 3 types of food and do 30 minutes of exercise a day. Forget all that is industrial and prepare your meals yourself, it will also have a real impact on your health.

2- The one related to stress:

Yes stress is a major factor in weight gain. He inflates and pushes his “victims” to jump on sweet products to compensate. The goal is to find an outlet for stress other than

Food … NO we are not talking about tobacco, opt for the sport that will help you double to lose weight and evacuate your stress.

3- Overweight linked to gluten:

It is common in menopausal women suffering from hormonal disorders. Absolutely ban alcohol, tobacco and avoid prolonged sitting. Do a lot of walking. For example, practice exercises with weights.

4. Metabolic Obesity / Metabolic Overweight:

People who have swollen stomachs like a balloon, accumulate fat in this part of the body. often caused by problems of alcoholism or psychological, this overweight is localized at the level of the belly. It is important to deal with addiction and / or psychological concerns first.

Find out which part of your body is fatter and how to do it with

5. Circulatory overweight: This is especially hereditary obesity. this type of overweight is hereditary and often occurs during pregnancy in women. Exercises should be done to activate blood circulation: climbing stairs for example.

6. And finally the overweight related to lack of exercise: This type of obesity are located on areas of the body that were active in the past. The solution to getting rid of these fat deposits is to not let long periods go by without eating, because the body can speed up the metabolism and burn them quickly.

Frequent but small meals are necessary as well as good physical activity.

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