Filipino Creates Natural Pesticide That Does Not Pollute the Earth

Jesse Ambrocio lives in the Philippines and has created a natural pesticide that removes chemical residues. Its pesticide protects crops without harming the soil. The lands of his country are polluted because of excessive use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

According to this man, the soils of crops should be regenerated with his natural pesticide:

“This is a biological fertilizer that helps bring the land back to life by providing micronutrients. At the same time, he will detoxify the earth by ridding him of the chemical poisons that he has received. The less soil is infested with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the more micronutrients there will be. “

Jesse loves nature, and in his way he also protects insects:

“Insects are an integral part of the ecosystem. It is only when their population becomes too large that there are problems. And when that happens, just control their population. You must not kill them all! “

Chemical fertilizers were popular and, on the contrary, biological solutions had a bad reputation:

“The biological elements had a bad reputation because they were sold too expensive. Often, these products were also of dubious quality. I wanted to make them accessible to farmers. That’s why I developed my product. “

It does not throw the stone to the farmers either:

“When farmers saw their crops thrive, they were happy with the result and continued to add chemical fertilizers. The intention was good, but they were abused. “

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