Feng Shui: Leave only one thing under your bed!

A feng shui placed in your bedroom can help you in your love life as well as in your ability to rest and feel at the helm of your life. You must know how to help the chi flow and how to repel any negative energy that might enter the room and into your life.

When we are sleeping or sleeping on our beds, our subconscious is open and absorbs more energy, which is why Feng Shui advises not to put anything under the bed. But there is an exception.

Generally, the space under your bed should be open to have a flow of energy channeled also through the entire body during the night. Things under the bed have an energy that your unconscious mind could absorb when you sleep, which is very bad.

The space under the bed should be empty and cleaned regularly.

According to Feng Shui, EEN is an exception of “nothing under the bed” and gives us the right to keep something under the bed that is called “the treasure box”.

It is a tool of Feng Shui that serves to express specific desires and intentions, which are to open our unconscious “I” and offer us a chance to fulfill our wishes.

What is this box and what does it contain?

The quality of the box is important because it will produce a vibration of energy more or less. A solid lid will produce safer, more stable energy while an open box will be a more open type of energy. Both are perfect, it will depend on what you are looking for.

The material of the box: The wood is ground and contains the energy of activity and growth. Fine grooves, gold (maybe imitation), silver …

I watch the position of the bed

According to Feng Shui, your bed should be as far away as possible from the front door. Moreover, it is not necessary that the feet are just in front of the door of the room (position called “the deceased”). Finally, it is necessary that the headboard is wedged against the wall.

For a Feng Shui bedroom, I eliminate electrical wires

Sleeping under a tangle of electrical wires is absolutely not Feng Shui. The room is a rest room, not an office. Ask your man to install computers, TV or other video games in another room.

Deco side, I opt for the right colors

Colors play a vital role in Feng Shui. In the bedroom, opt for cool colors on the walls, such as blue, mauve, white or gray, very trendy this winter. As for bedding and curtains, warm up the atmosphere with warmer and softer shades.

I perfume the room

To give a Feng Shui atmosphere to the room, opt for a sandalwood candle. Its purifying action removes bad vibrations. A few drops of lavender essential oils, for example on the pillow, relax and facilitate sleep.

Feng Shui Room: I play on lighting

If necessary, review your lighting. To ensure a Feng Shui atmosphere to your room, it must be soft and subdued. Avoid suspensions above the bed, absolutely no Feng Shui. Prefer bedside lamps. Move the mirrors so they do not reflect the bed. And above all ban the green plants.

I adopt rounded pebbles

Place rounded pebbles in a glass cup, placed on the bedside table. The must appear to find a peaceful sleep!

I’m tidying up … It’s Feng Shui!

This is commonplace, but the basis of a Feng Shui room is to facilitate the circulation of the chi. Clean up!

Learn more about Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a philosophy of “common sense” from an ancient Chinese tradition. To summarize, we can say that the application of its main principles makes you feel better at home. To know more about these great principles (balance between yin and yang, elements …)

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