Female masturbation: 13 good reasons to have fun frequently

Studies show that most women have masturbated at least once, but most do so only very occasionally. According to a survey of sexual practices conducted throughout the US by Indiana University, only 7.9% of women aged 25 to 29 masturbate two to three times a week (23.4%). men in the same age group). Go girls. We can do better than that!

Masturbation is an activity that is perfectly normal, pleasant and good for your health. Finished, the taboo of solitary feminine pleasure! It is high time to realize that it has more advantages than we think.

We asked Dr. Lauren Streicher, Associate Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Northwestern University, to talk to us about the health benefits of masturbation. Streicher explains that this practice contributes to improving our overall health: it helps sleep better, reduces stress and makes you feel better about yourself. Streicher recalls that, like exercise or a massage, masturbation offers a way to relax emotionally and physically. Instead of paying for an expensive massage, why not stay at home for a small solo massage?

So dim the lights, light a few candles and go to bed (or where you feel most comfortable) to explore your body.

Female Masturbation: Here are 13 reasons to masturbate regularly when you are a woman:

1. Masturbation can reduce physical pain, including menstrual

“If your uterus contracts when you masturbate and this contraction facilitates the flow of menstrual blood … it theoretically reduces cramps,” says Streicher. She points out, however, that studies that validate this theory are still rare, but she sees no reason not to masturbate during menstruation: “It never hurts. So, if it relieves you, do not deprive yourself of it. It’s definitely cooler than a heating pad …

2. We feel happier

“We know that fun makes people happy,” says Streicher. It’s that simple. Orgasm releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin, which make us in a better mood and transport us to a cloud. In artificial paradise, prefer natural pleasure!

3. … and better in his skin

It is essential to be comfortable in your body: it is one of the only things that will not leave us all our lives. One way to maintain excellent relationships is through methodical exploration. “It’s absolutely essential that women have a good knowledge of their bodies and how to have fun,” she adds. It’s time for practical work …

4. Masturbation can improve our sex life …

Masturbation allows you to explore your body and discover what gives you the most pleasure. She can give insurance in bed and help you tell your partner what you want. Once you understand what makes you feel good, you can tell him where you want to be caressed.

5. … help us sleep better …

Why do we usually fall into Morpheus’s arms after we’ve been bent on pleasure? Because orgasms dispel emotional and physical tension and exhaust the body, which helps to fall asleep faster. “We often sleep better after masturbating, because we feel relaxed and satisfied,” says Streicher. Masturbation causes drowsiness, like reading before falling asleep: one feels more relaxed and relaxed afterwards!

6. … and releasing sexual tension by doing good

If one has chosen not to make love, or is in a period of involuntary abstinence, masturbation is a very effective way to satisfy his libido.

7. Female Masturbation: She Mistresses

“Anything that lets you relax after a hard day, whether it’s a yoga session or a foot massage, is the same thing,” says Streicher. “It does not necessarily mean sexuality, but sex and masturbation are very effective ways to de-stress yourself. A method that makes you want!

8. It allows our body to remain sexual … even when we do not have sex

“If you’re in between partners, masturbation not only helps maintain tissue elasticity and health, and increases blood pressure, but also good mental hygiene,” says Streicher. “We know that sex and excitement are born in the brain. The more we make love and the more we want to make love because we think about it more often. When we have not had a relationship for a very long time, most of the time, we do not even think about it anymore. “

9. There are plenty of cool toys to help us have fun

From hands-free vibrators to faux lipstick sticks, there’s a vibrator for all of us!

10. That gives multiple orgasms

Understanding how your body works allows you to know exactly how to do it well. Once, twice, three times … It all depends on our appetite! Orgasm is usually a culmination for men, but women can enjoy it several times in a row. So why deprive yourself?

11. When you are in a relationship, it’s a very nice way to vary the pleasure and maintain your libido

As Mrs. Streicher notes, the more we make love, the more we want it. Logically, the more you masturbate and the more comfortable you are with your sexuality, the more you will want your partner. “We know that masturbation stimulates the area of ​​our brain that supports the libido,” says the researcher.

12. There are no negative effects

Masturbation has “absolutely no negative effect,” says Streicher. “This activity has no problem: you can not catch anything, you do not get pregnant, you do not feel nauseated. This is the only vice that is not accompanied by any negative repercussions. “

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