Europe wants to allow pesticides and reduce quality controls in organic farming

The text of laws, presented today to European agriculture ministers, must “define the modes of production, processing, conservation and marketing throughout Europe,” says Le Parisien. But the professionals of organic farming believe that this new text seriously threatens the quality standards of organic. They launched an SOS for their sector and consumers, asking the government to abandon negotiations on the new draft organic regulation that would certainly announce somehow, the death of this industry pushing people to find other ways to find products without pesticides.

Will pesticides soon be allowed in the bio?

This new draft regulation provides in particular that productions contaminated by pesticides will no longer necessarily be downgraded from the organic label, contrary to what is happening today.

“Each country can decide this threshold. As a result, some products containing pesticides may be sold by presenting the organic label, under the principle of the free movement of goods in Europe “, details Le Parisien.

Less quality controls

This text also provides for a relaxation of quality controls in organic farms. Checks that are intended to verify the specifications required to qualify for the label. Currently, they are held twice a year: once unexpectedly, and a second time by appointment. The new regulation stipulates that these controls will only take place once every 2 years. The organic sector is afraid of “slippage”.

Revision of the European #bio regulation “We also reject the derogations from the annual control promoted by the European legislators” – APCA (@ChambagriFrance) 9 June 2017

The industry fears a decline in confidence

“A decline in controls would damage consumer confidence,” predicts the union of distributors of organic products (Synadis Bio).

A trust however essential in this die booming. Driven by growth of more than 22% in 2016, the organic market today represents more than 7 billion euros.

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