Electronic cigarette battery: it explodes, and his car catches fire

He was burned to the second degree, now his hands are wrapped up with big bandages. And because of that, he resumed smoking cigarettes with tobacco. Cedric B., a family man living in Saint-Jory, north of Toulouse, had “fear of his life” on Thursday, September 22 when the battery of his electronic cigarette literally exploded in the right pocket of his pants, while he was coming home quietly from work behind the wheel of his car.

Electronic cigarette battery

“I first heard a whistling sound, then I felt burns on my buttocks,” he says. Then the battery is gone like a rocket, bouncing several times in the cockpit before going to lodge in the back seat.

The young man panicked, standing on his pedals, before succeeding, not without hitting a heavy weight, to stop on the side of the national. It was while trying to extinguish the beginning of fire in his vehicle that he burned his hands badly. Two motorists came to his aid before the arrival of the gendarmes and his transport to the ER.

A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie

In rethinking, Cedric jokes about his misadventure. But not to let slip because he does not dare to imagine what would have happened if he had transported children. He therefore filed a complaint with the Gendarmerie of Saint-Jory against the cigarette battery manufacturer who was not in charge at the time when it exploded.

“I’m staying away from anything that has a battery, including the phone,” he admits after this quick weaning.

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