Eco-friendly and economical toilets with integrated washbasin

By recovering wastewater from a sink connected to their tank, they could help the problem of overconsumption of water especially at this time with the drought period that lives our country and indeed many others in the world.

Water will certainly be one of the greatest challenges of our century and this ingenious invention shows that it is possible to make great progress even in our homes.

Sometimes referred to as greywater or gray water, wastewater comes exclusively from kitchens and bathrooms.

The waste represented by the evacuation of wastewater from our toilets, they are also called black water is colossal and to solve this problem a new kind of toilets have appeared.

WC with inlaid washbasin to save water and great savings on a global scale.

Keep in mind that “One liter of water is the equivalent of one liter of waste water because this water contains pollutants, such as detergents, shampoos, laundry, which will go to the sewer” explains Marillys MacĂ©, Director of the Water Information Center (CIEAU).

Eco-friendly and economical toilets with integrated washbasin

Source: Castorama

The principle of this toilet is so disconcerting simplicity that we do not understand why, it had not already been invented:

The sink is simply attached to the toilet tank. and it’s by washing your hands that the wastewater will be used to fill the toilet tank, what’s easier? . And the water recovered can then be used to evacuate small and large commission without feeling guilty to use drinking water.

But in addition to this modern and ecological toilets will give, especially to people living in small areas, a significant gain in space. In France 3171 liters of water are used every second for the evacuation of toilets which amounts to an overconsumption of 100 million m3 of drinking water!

This brilliant invention that comes from Japan begins slowly to be installed in homes in France.

Eco-friendly and economical toilets with integrated washbasin

Source: Castorama

Here is a solution of a disconcerting and effective simplicity to save money and especially water. Hopefully these toilets will soon be found in new homes but also in old homes.

And if you want to equip yourself, the model is available at several DIY stores, not far from you.

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