Eating late at night makes you fat and promotes diabetes

According to the results of this research, dinner late at night also has repercussions on the insulin and cholesterol levels in the body and on the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, reports the Health Magazine website.

To carry out their research, the scientists selected nine adults who, for sixteen weeks, ate at specific hours.

For eight weeks, the selected people ate three meals a day and two snacks between 8am and 7pm. During the second part of the study, the participants ate three meals a day and two snacks but from 12h and until 23h. Each time, they slept between 23h and 9h.

“We know, from our sleep studies, that when you are deprived of sleep it negatively affects weight and metabolism because of food consumption at night but now these early results give a more complete picture of the benefits. to eat early in the day, “says Pr Namni Goel, associate researcher in psychology and lead author of the study.

Our body absorbs even more sugar, consequences: weight gain, increased insulin and cholesterol

The researchers performed biological tests before the experiment, after the first phase and after the second phase. The conclusions are final.

When they ate later, participants saw their weight increase significantly, as did their insulin levels, blood sugar, or cholesterol levels.

“Eating later can promote a higher negative weight profile and higher glucose and insulin levels, which are involved in diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides, themselves related to cardiovascular problems and other problems. says Namni Goel, an associate researcher in psychology who led the study. These first results give a more complete picture of the benefits of eating early in the day. “

Eat early avoids snacking

Researchers also noted that ghrelin (which stimulates appetite) and leptin (which makes one feel full) were secreted at more convenient times when participants ate early, discouraging them from snacking between meals.

Conversely, the peak of the hormone that makes you feel full, leptin, culminated later. Clearly, eating early has allowed them to stay full longer and so not to “crack” in the evening and at night and not to nibble. “Although lifestyle changes are never easy, these results suggest that eating early in the day can help prevent these chronic, unhealthy effects,” said Professor Kelly Allison.

We have a deep understanding of how excessive consumption affects health and body weight, but now we have a better understanding of how our bodies process food at different times of the day,” says Kelly Allison. , another scientist who worked on the project.

To limit snacking, it is best to eat at a fixed time and respect the pace of three meals a day, with starchy foods on each menu to feel full. Ey if you have an irresistible urge to snack on “healthy snacks” such as dried and fresh fruits.

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