Drinking wine would be better than playing sports!

The researchers are very clear: it is associated with physical exercise that resveratrol is effective, not replacing the latter. So replacing your abs session with a glass of red may not work terribly!

Clearly, the title you read “A glass of red wine has the same virtues as an hour of sport,” is just … false. Sorry for this false information.

You want good news? Here’s a fresh one: drinking wine would actually be better for you than going to the gym! And it’s not for laughter, it’s science that says it.

J ason Dyck is a researcher at the University of Alberta in Canada. With other researchers, he discovered that red wine was very rich in resveratrol, a polyphenol known for its beneficial effect on cardiac functions, muscle and bone development. In fact, its effect on you is broadly similar to that of an intensive sport session.

But that’s not all ! Resveratrol also acts as a powerful antioxidant, and that, your abs sessions can not boast of being able to do the same. They have been able to prove the positive effects of this compound on rodents, and in the future they plan to test human patients with diabetes. If the results prove to be positive for their cardiovascular health, it could well lead to a new drug to counter this disease! In the meantime, you can always do your cardio training … while drinking wine.

Drinking wine would be better than playing sports!

Even if scientists, diabetics, and all wine lovers in general are delighted with this news, it is not tomorrow the day before that your doctor will prescribe a cure of Saint-Emilion reimbursed by the security (damage). Alcohol, in general, can be harmful to health, and it must be kept in mind that these beneficial effects can be obtained by drinking a glass at meal, at most.

But even though alcohol is not good for one’s health, resveratrol specifically present in wine is of the utmost interest to doctors, as are a host of other antioxidants found in Bacchus nectar. Red wine is also known to reduce the rate of what is commonly called “bad” cholesterol, as well as reduce the risk of blood clots …

Other good things that wine (consumed with moderation, always,) brings you compared to your gym and its sweet smell of sweat? Reduce the risk of colon cancer, cataracts, type 2 diabetes, and generally allow you to live longer by slowing down aging of the brain.

Council, prefer organic wine, some treated wines would be unfit for consumption, if they had the same standards of safety as water. In addition you can find bottles at very reasonable prices.

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