Documentary: how will the Earth be in 2075

Africa has become a huge desert. The sun burns everything. Nothing pushes anymore. The population, of which Idrid and Faouzi are an example, is driven to exodus. The North is then confronted by the massive arrival of millions of refugees from all over the world. Millions of stateless people who gather in camps where the candidates for immigration are chosen according to drastic criteria: state of health in accordance with European standards, youth, physical strength and docile character …

How will the Earth be in 2075:

Big cities around the world have banned cars; the main roads are covered by tram lines and covered with white tarpaulins to limit the devastating effects of almost permanent sunshine. 80% of the world’s population now lives in cities.

In Bordeaux, the increase in temperature, the lack of rain and cricket invasions endanger vineyards that are gradually turning into orange groves … And even orange groves have more water. Elsewhere, it is the rain that wreaks havoc, threatening dikes, flooding cities.

In the far north, 100,000 km of sea ice disappear each year. The melting snow has opened a new maritime route between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Pollution, wars, climate change, deforestation were right 40% of animal species. Water, a rare commodity, has become the object of wars.

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