Do you have pain in the intestines? Do you know psyllium tegument?

Flakes, powders, effervescent powders, capsules, granules, husks of dried seeds. When psyllium is consumed as unprocessed seeds, it is recommended to soak these seeds for several hours in warm water. The effects of psyllium are felt in twenty-four or forty-eight hours.

How to use :

You need to drink a lot of water just before taking it, then start by mixing a teaspoon of blond psyllium powder in a juice, a smoothie, a soup or a large glass of water. Depending on the effects, you can then gradually increase the dose up to 2c. coffee per day.

Can be used as thickener or gelling agent.

The results of well-being are spectacular.

Warning. Self-medication in diabetes can lead to serious problems. When you start a treatment that changes your blood glucose level, you have to monitor your blood sugar very closely. It is also necessary to inform your doctor, so that he may, if necessary, review the dosage of conventional hypoglycaemic drugs.


  • Intestinal or esophageal stenosis or any other type of real or presumed gastrointestinal obstruction.

Side effects

  • Rare cases of allergic reactions have been reported.

Interactions with psyllium

With plants or supplements

With drugs

  • Regular intake of psyllium may require adjustment of antidiabetic medication.
  • It is generally thought that psyllium consumption may prevent the complete absorption of certain drugs, but this hypothesis has recently been overturned in the case of ethinyl estradiol (an anovulant) in a rabbit study24. The only documented interaction is psyllium with lithium, whose absorption it decreases.

The psyllium husks , also called pods or shells, are the main ingredient in commercial preparations as Metamucil®, Regulan®, Serutan®, Prodiem® etc. Psyllium is also available, at a higher price, in the form of wafers and capsules. It is also available in flakes and powder at health food stores and herbalists. (source)


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