Do not throw away your eggshells, here are 9 tips to recycle them

Everyone does not know it, but it turns out that egg shells have many benefits! They are composed mainly of calcium carbonate (about 95%) in small amounts of magnesium carbonate and other organic materials such as proteins. Thanks to this composition, the eggshells,

Here are 9 tips for recycling your eggshells :

  • Prepare your seedlings

They are ideal for preparing your seedlings even if you do not have a green thumb. Make a small hole in half of a shell still intact, drill a small hole to drain the water, add a little soil and drop your seeds.

Thus, they are an ideal container to grow your seedlings before transplanting them in the ground.

They repel crawling insects. Shred your shells around your plants so that the insects can not pass. You can say goodbye to slugs, snails and other crawling.

  • Protect your tomato feet from diseases

Tomato feet can develop certain diseases because of a lack of calcium. To overcome this problem, make a bed of eggshells at the bottom of the hole, before planting your feet. They will be strengthened to deal with various diseases.

To protect them from certain diseases (blisters, for example), gardeners recycle them. Indeed, egg shells (fresh uncooked) ground and hanging on the branches of trees in small nets, are known to keep the tree healthy.

  • Enrich your compost

They have the distinction of breaking down quickly. And because they are rich in calcium and other minerals, they are ideal for enriching your compost. Alternatively for those who do not compost, you can put pieces of crushed egg shells directly around the plants, which will enrich the earth once when they are broken down.

  • Make your dishes shine

They are an excellent abrasive for difficult to clean dishes. Mix your shells with a little soapy water for a vigorous cleaning. You can also try with vinegar which is also very effective!

  • Clean dirty dirt

Yes, it can be used to clean stoves and pans that are difficult to scour. Mix pieces of crushed egg shells in a little water and soap, efficiency guaranteed!

  • Blanch your laundry

To keep your laundry white, just put some shells with a slice of lemon. Put these ingredients in a closed cloth bag and place it in the drum of your machine, and wash as usual.

For centuries, people have boiled eggshells in their coffee, to prevent certain diseases (colds ..) and also to reduce the bitterness of coffee. You can put them roughly crushed in the coffee of your coffee maker, before you pass it (if you use a conventional coffee maker).

If you know other tips with eggshells, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section below!

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