Do not hold back anything or anyone, everything will happen when you need it most

Learn to let go at the right time. Forget your friends, forget your failures in your relationships, forget your bad habits. Leave the depression and the bad thoughts behind, eliminate your painful memories, forget the negative people or just leave the one beside you.

Go at the right time.

Do not cover your body with scars. Stop infecting your soul with the virus called guilt, it’s just an emotion that disconnects you from your life and from yourself.

Enjoy your life more than others. If you see someone put their life ahead of you, go away. You should learn to be responsible for your life before becoming responsible for someone else. No one was born a victim. God does not ask you to sacrifice your life or your ability to love.

It is not difficult to get lost, to become something else, to live the life of someone else, to go to another world, to a different reality. It’s not even difficult to want and desire all these things.

What is difficult is to find oneself. We are the only ones who can set the limits of what we give. By sacrificing yourself for nothing, you do not become stronger, on the contrary you become weaker.

Learn to get out of certain situations. You will always recognize the right moment, just believe in yourself, trust your intuition and do not lie to others.

There are no bad people regardless of our opinion. There are people who are different from us. And we are not responsible for actions other than ours.

Everything that happens in our life, the weather around here, or on a distant island in Ecuador, happens with our permission. We created life as it is. We have allowed darkness to dominate our existence, and let fear enter our lives. We have become strangers in our own life.

Look around because the time may have come for you to give up everything.

It’s incredibly difficult to leave everything behind, everything we’ve lived in and get away from it, no matter what others say. It’s hard to leave, but when the right time comes, you have to leave.

Stay away from obsessive illusions and imposed fears, but never forget to keep dreaming and trying. Do not be afraid of failure, it only means that you have tried. Do not be afraid of others’ reactions because you can not predict anything before it actually happens, and even if you could, being afraid is useless. That’s all, leave and continue.

We are always aware of what we want. We remember every time we expected something, but we did not do it. But we never think that the universe spared us by not giving us the things we wanted right away.

The truth is really simple. Everything comes to us at the right time, even miracles. That’s why you should leave at the right time, leave things behind and not hold anyone back. Because if you hold back, the scenario of life will not stop repeating itself.

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