Do not buy garlic anymore! Learn to grow an infinite amount at home!

In addition to flavoring all our dishes, garlic has many health benefits. That’s why it’s important to always have it at hand! But did you know that you could grow some at home? It’s very simple and very economical!

Garlic is rich in essential nutrients. It is also low in calories (only 42 calories per serving). On the other hand, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, selenium, potassium and calcium. Always prefer organic garlic that contains these nutrients in larger amounts. So you can grow it at home instead of buying it, because farmers often use a variety of health-damaging chemicals that destroy the properties of garlic.

Do not buy garlic anymore


Here are some health benefits of garlic:

It improves heart health

The consumption of garlic decreases the risk of heart disease and helps the body to fight easily against cholesterol. It also helps reduce high blood pressure.

– Garlic strengthens the immune system.

It effectively strengthens the immune system and fights especially colds. It turns out that by consuming garlic regularly, we reduce the risk of illness by 63%.

Do not buy garlic anymore


Here’s how to grow garlic at home:

Divide the garlic’s head into cloves and put them in damp places. Plant the pods a few inches deep, the pointed end should be facing up.

Then, as soon as the pods sprout, pour water regularly, but do not water too much, because the garlic does not need a lot of water.

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