Distribution of free ladybug larvae in Caen to replace pesticides in gardens

“It perforates its prey to inject saliva loaded with digestive juice. In an instant, the opponent is annihilated. Here is the harsh law of Charles Darwin’s natural selection applied to ladybug and aphid. The Regional Environmental Agency of Haute-Normandie does not go to death to describe the benefits of these small insects in a garden.

Normal because ladybugs are more effective than any pesticide and much more environmentally friendly. The idea originated in 1982. Since then, all municipal green spaces have been protected from harmful insects in this natural way. As every year, and as every year, the town provides free of charge to locals larvae but also lacewings distributed free of charge every Friday morning in the Jardin des Plantes, until the beginning of summer.

Subject of Suzana Nevenkic and Carole Lefran├žois

Larvae more effective than ladybugs

Larvae are even more effective than adult ladybugs. They eat up to 150 aphids a day. It is the heat that promotes their development. The first are therefore appearing in March. Three to four days after laying, the larvae are born. “They are very quickly looking for food. They attack aphids, sometimes much larger than they are. They are insatiable eaters, they moult after three days, their corselet can no longer contain them. They repeat this process three more times until reaching a size of 1.5 to 2 cm. According to the regional agency of the environment. Last year 1500 people came for larvae.

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