Discover this article on the power of coarse salt

Coarse salt acts on the astral and psychic sphere, like a sterilizer. It cleans the environment of negative energies and creates an invisible and powerful barrier against harmful energies. Salt is an electrical conductor that absorbs negative ions. In contact with the skin, its function is to remove the negative energy in the aura.

A little history

Since ancient times, salt has been used by men and is considered a very precious good. The word salt comes from the Greek vocabulary “hals” and “halos”, which means salt that comes from the seas. In ancient Rome, its monetary value and cost is comparable to gold, silk and spices. People were paid in salt according to their work done. Thus the origin of the word salary comes from the Latin language “Salarium”, which means “money to buy salt” or “ration of salt”.

The power of coarse salt

The use of salt in different cultures

In ancient times, salt was used as an offering for the gods to obtain spiritual protection.

Assyrians – in religious rituals.

Egypt – salt was considered a sacred product and offered to the gods. In addition, salt was used in the process of embalming important people.

Rome- it means the symbol of wisdom and it is used in the rituals of baptism.

Greece – it is a symbol of purification and destruction.

Hebrews – It is an offering for the Gods and it is the symbol of purification. In rituals, salt was used to make God’s covenant with the Jewish people.

Christianity: It is a symbol of purification and the ritual of baptism was to place salt on the child’s lips.

Middle Ages, It was used to ward off evil spirits. People put salt in the chimneys of houses to prevent demons from entering.

Africans – When someone changes houses, he or she launders with water and salt to remove negative energies.

Japan – It’s a purification symbol, they throw salt near the front door of their homes to eliminate negative energy.

The power of Gros Sel

As you have seen above, salt has been used since ancient times as a powerful tool for cleaning up negative energy in all the major civilizations of the world.

Salt is considered a powerful purifier of environments. Salt is a crystal and therefore emits electromagnetic waves that can be measured by dowsing. It has the same wavelength of the violet color, capable of neutralizing the harmful electromagnetic fields. People who have already studied chromotherapy know that the color purple is one of the most powerful color and its function is to eliminate all the negativity of our subtle body.

How to use coarse salt

You can eliminate the negative energies of your home by following these tips:

Tips for harmonizing the environment with coarse salt:

1) a glass of water with salt behind the front door of your house. Put some water in a glass and add 3 pinches of refined salt.

You have to change the water every week, so that your house will be clean of negative energy.

2) Try to get rid of things you no longer use, such as clothes, items, magazines, etc.

3) After a party, wash all the cups and plates with coarse salt to neutralize the energy of your guests.

4) Put a little salt in the four corners of each room of the house and replace the salt once a month. This mug with salt promote the adjustment of energy and will filter the environment.

Whenever the coarse salt begins to crust on the edge or bubbles, the contents of the cup should be thrown into the sink drain. The mixture of salt with water or alcohol absorbs all the harm that is in the air, and helps to purify and prevent jealousy, the evil eye and other inferior feelings from entering your home.

The power of coarse salt: Cleaning your auric field of salt

Salt is recommended to clean the aura that is the field of light that surrounds the human body. When the aura is saturated, salt is the only compound that restores quickly. According to esotericism, bath water and salt are ideal for the expansion of our aura.

1) You must take a shower to your habit. After take a big glass of water and three spoons of salt. Mix all. When you finish your bath, you will take the glass of water and salt and empty it on your body (from the shoulder to the bottom).

2) The bath with salt from the grass “street” Latin name “Ruta Graveolens” is a bath to discharge negative energies. It is very good when you have several symptoms of excess “espritual weight”, which result in severe backache, feeling sick, being still asleep and having headaches.

How to: prepare a tea with grass. Take a bowl of hot water, pour the infused tea with the plant “the street” and add two handfuls of salt. Take your normal bath and when finished, take the contents of the bowl and pour from the shoulder down.

3) When you arrive at a business meeting, or any public event take a salt crystal and touch it with the tip of your tongue for a few seconds (do not do it for people who have high blood pressure), the Crystal will absorb all the negative energies.

The famous basins with salt and water for the feet:

Physiological benefits

  • Helps to detoxify the body and eliminate viruses.
  • Stimulates our blood naturally.
  • Helps relieve calluses.
  • Relaxes all your muscular system.
  • Helps relieve rheumatism and arthritis.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Removes impurities from the skin.
  • Soothes skin irritations like psoriasis / eczema.
  • Relieves itching, burning and tingling.
  • Soften the skin.
  • Helps heal scars.
  • Brings moisture balance to the skin.

Benefits of everyday life

  • Relieves fatigue, sore feet and leg muscles.
  • Relieves tension in the hands and wrists.
  • Helps to relieve sports injuries.

Psychophysical Benefits

  • Provides deep relaxation
  • Helps relieve stress and tension.


Thus, we can observe how the elements of nature are here to help us restore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This is the case of salt, because it can help us restore the flow of energy and eliminate any negativities impregnated in our auric field.

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