Discover the wonderful benefits of zumba

Beto PEREZ, a sports teacher from Cali (Colombia), a former Latin dance teacher, forgets the music of his class one day, and decides to improvise fitness steps on the music he listens to in his car: Salsa, Merengue , Cumbia.

This dance begins with conquering Latin America, then the United States where he becomes the choreographer of Shakira, known for his “belly dance – Latin” movements.

The advantage of this dance compared to others is that it adapts to the physical abilities of each person, because it is an individual activity.

And it will allow you to gain coordination.

We often talk about the importance of having regular physical activity to stay healthy

It’s a healthy way of life to keep your weight steady and to keep you away and prevent serious illness. We will talk about the benefits of Zumba.

There is no age or special physical condition to have to practice this dance which is a good alternative very interesting and beneficial to be in good health. It’s a complete activity that will help you maintain a better posture, and give you more flexibility, which will speed up your metabolism and make you stronger and tonic.

As you have understood, its many benefits are obvious. Discover them and sign up for a club to practice it when you can. You will see, you will love!

Here are 8 benefits that will happen when you practice Zumba

1. This dance will help you burn your calories and fat

It’s an activity that combines aerobic exercise and resistance training, two basic skills when you want to keep fit.

Variation in controlled movements during rapid cardiovascular exercise of high intensity speeds up the metabolism. This exercise helps you burn between 300 and 600 calories in one hour, depending on the effort and speed.

2. This activity boosts confidence

In comparison with other training programs, practicing zumba boosts social confidence levels. This is because the more you practice, the better your coordination and your dance steps.

The training atmosphere is more fun and confidence is established between all members of the zumba class.

You will be more comfortable with your body and you will have a lot more motivation to continue practicing.

But that’s not all: the feeling of trust will continue indefinitely and it will be easier for you to create a social bond with those around you.

3. It’s a simple, fast and accessible physical activity

These days, the practice of zumba has become a fashion. Although other sports are also popular, it’s easy to find a place to practice.

Do not worry about the money. The courses are very cheap and you do not need any special equipment. You will not have to spend too much money.

The only things you need to practice are:

Sportswear. A t-shirt and pants. The only recommendation we make is to choose clothes made of cotton or materials designed for perspiration. Know that you will sweat a lot and that the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your clothes.

Sneakers are essential for any sport. Use shoes that are comfortable and have already been used. Do not wear shoes for the first time for a class because you may be suffering from blisters or discomfort.

Essential, remember to take a bottle of water, it is recommended to drink 1l of water per hour of sport.

Then you only have to spend an hour to an hour and a half a day or twice a week to feel the benefits.

4. It will reduce your anxiety levels

If you are looking for an activity that will help you reduce your anxiety, the gym may not be the best solution. For many, it’s pretty frustrating to be in an environment surrounded by unknowns.

And do not even talk about sitting next to someone who looks like a supermodel! Do not worry, it does not happen when you do zumba.

It is an activity that is easy to adapt because it wants to generate a caring environment and community.

This relaxed atmosphere will help you boost your motivation and reduce stress.

5. It will increase your resistance

Doing exercises with continuous movements can be a difficult task. Frequent breaks are not a great help when you want to increase resistance.

The long-lasting workouts you do while practicing zumba offer greater endurance and resistance to your body in no time. In just a few weeks, you will begin to notice all the beneficial effects of this dance.

6.It will improve your posture and make you more flexible

When you practice Zumba, you do exercises that you would not do in other activities. You will learn to associate movements of samba, merengue and mambo.

So different muscles are working at the same time.

In addition, your joints will thank you and they will adapt to more unusual movements and stretches, your tension will decrease and your movements will be more and more extensive and easy to perform.

7. It’s a personalized activity

One of the best features of this dance is that you can customize your workout. You can adapt your abilities to the goals you want to achieve.

If you work in a group, maybe the customization is so easy. In this case, choose the rhythm that suits you best. Before deciding which club to integrate, discuss it with the teachers.

If you practice at home with a video or with a personal coach it is easier to focus on the area of ​​the body that you want to tone.

8. It will improve the coordination of your movements

Maybe you have a very good coordination but as you get older, your coordination capacity decreases. Even if you are young, you may have this problem.

Maybe you think that practicing Zumba is not for you because you have “two left feet”. In this case, know that this dance will help you develop and keep a good balance.

Know that having a regular physical activity in itself will not give you the results you expect. You must also have healthy habits, such as good nutrition and adequate rest.

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