Discover the great benefits of knitting-therapy for health

Knit relaxes. The simple manual activity and focusing on this task opens the door to a state of tranquility, which brings benefits to people who are going through stress or anxiety episodes.

3. Knitting improves our morale

As we said before, many people have a habit of getting together to knit together and chat quietly.

It encourages sociability because we make new friendships, we build relationships, and so on.

However, you do not have to go out and knit.

When we are alone, we also enjoy the silence of our thoughts, while increasing the dose of endorphins able to relax and give us a great feeling of well-being.

4. Knitting improves our manual motor skills

You have probably already observed grandmothers knitting, with their nimble hands, and an extraordinary manual sense.

Maybe they have osteoarthritis, or they suffer from carpal tunnel but yet their fingers and hands have great agility.

Knitting forces us to keep our hands moving and to prevent them from becoming too rigid.

It is worthwhile to practice this healthy exercise, at least an hour a day. In this way, the suffering caused by arthritis, for example, may soften a bit.

In addition, in the case of children, it has been proven that knitting improves motor skills. Indeed, this activity helps them to improve their writing and to be more skillful.

5. Knitting encourages self-esteem

How something as simple as knitting can improve our morale?

Knitting is not just a hobby, but involves setting a goal, like finding the pattern for that sweater, or this jacket that will be fashionable next fall.

Successfully making a garment can be something really rewarding and allows you to set a goal and stick to it.

In addition, knitting creates the simple pleasure of offering something that has taken time from someone we appreciate.

It’s more than a gift, because we offer our time, our imagination, our sense of art and our feelings, inscribed in every inch of wool.

Knitting is no longer an ancient art of grandmothers because it unites generations and represents a legacy with great therapeutic benefits.

In our articles, we often talk about the benefits of walking (half an hour a day), drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning, and so on.

Today, we invite you to put into practice a new recommendation: start knitting today!

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