Did you know that there were precious stone counters? You will want one when you see them!

One of the most luxurious counters you can choose is amethyst. Do not despair, you find them easily and they are not as expensive as you think. The slabs give a dazzling intense light, purple tones and rich purple colors. They stimulate our imagination, thanks to the quality of the enigmatic crystal.

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What makes them so unique is their ability to complement the environment in the kitchen with their bright purple tones. In addition, they adapt to both contemporary design and traditional cuisine.


The strength and brilliance of the quartz kitchen counter makes it an elegant choice for anyone who admires the beauty of real stones. The quartz surface is exceptionally hard. It is also smooth and non-porous, ideal for withstanding even the most difficult shocks. Without the use of waxes or sealants, a quartz countertop can retain its luster for many years.

Quartz is a true chameleon with regard to countertops. There are many choices, whether traditional or modern, unbleached or apple green, refined or refined, spotted or structured, so many options. It also works very well with traditional design materials like tile, stainless steel, chrome, wood, etc.


Natural stones are sophisticated and also contemporary. This can turn any old-fashioned kitchen. It will also give elegance and durability.

As the picture shows, the dark wood cabinets match the counter very well. The highlights are on the white carpet of the floor and chairs that contrast with the countertop. Thus, the lighting shines the stones.


Fossilized trees are a component of petrified wood. This material does not have two identical pieces. It exudes this lustrous and exotic appearance. It’s hard and surprisingly durable. The slabs can reflect a fossil of more than two hundred million years. The shades of brown can bring out grace, beauty and strength.

It is exceptionally beautiful in the kitchen and in other rooms of your home thanks to the hardness of petrified wood.

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