Decryption of everyday products: Ax shower gel

– Sodium laureth sulfate : foaming agent used with recurrence in shower gels and shampoos of all kinds and all brands. 2nd ingredient most present in this product, it starts very badly. Dry, irritating, extremely aggressive for the mucous membranes. Allergen, carcinogenic.

Acrylates copolymer : binder and antistatic agent. Used to give an opaque appearance and a pleasant consistency. Potentially allergenic. Obstrates the pores.

– Cocamide MEA : emulsifier and stabilizer. Harmful for the environment as for your body. Risk of reaction with other substances and formation of nitrosamines, a chemical compound known to be very carcinogenic.

– Magnesium oxide : more commonly called “calcined magnesia”. Anti-caking agent. Also used as a medicine against gastric acidity. There would be contradictory reports regarding the toxicity of this ingredient. Caution.

– Perfume : set of chemicals that can trigger allergies, asthma, irritation. Very often carcinogenic and neurotoxic.

– Disodium EDTA : viscosity control agent. Toxic substance that can be fixed in the body, very difficult to biodegrade. Risk of vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the urine. Studies are still in progress.

– Isopropyl palmitate : palm oil with thickening and anti-static properties. Risk of irritation.

– Sodium hydroxide : also called caustic soda. Regulator of acidity and corrosive. Risk of vomiting and lung problem. Dangerous for the environment.

– Citric acid : masking agent. PH regulator. From lemon but manufactured synthetically in the industry. Risk of skin reactions and may contain monosodium glutamate, a carcinogenic additive.

– Sodium benzoate : chemical preservative and derivative of benzoic acid. Risk of rash, asthma and hyperactivity. Harmful to the liver.

– DMDM ​​hydantoin : preservative. Recognized allergy. May release formaldehyde, a gas otherwise known as methanal. Very irritating to the eyes. Risks of asthma.

– Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate : chemical preservative. Fungicidal properties. Could release iodine that would contribute to thyroid disorders.

Benzyl alcohol : preservative. Recognized allergen. Risk of cancer. Neurotoxic.

– Limonene, Linalol : solvents from orange skins but created synthetically by the industry. Could damage the liver, and be responsible for bowel and kidney disorders.

– CI 42090 : synthetic blue dye also called E133. Risk of hyperactivity, asthma, insomnia and cancer.

– CI 47005 : synthetic yellow dye also called E104. Risk of hyperactivity, asthma, eczema and cancer. These risks are commonplace as these dyes are widely used. It is much better to avoid them by reading the labels, especially as some dyes of this type can increase their toxicity once mixed together.

Ax shower gel Conclusion :

A concentrate of toxic products supposed to cleanse and moisturize our skin but which will finally only irritate more and pass in our body of tiny doses of these dangerous substances. Tiny, certainly, but regular …

You answer me “Yes, but we do not swallow it, we wash with it! “. We are irritated, nuance. We destroy our skin flora and we gradually pass many products in our body that will affect us much later. And that moment comes, the famous phrase “I did not know” will arrive.

If these analyzes are done assiduously, it is precisely so that this sentence is never pronounced and that your health is your first asset. Resistance is also practiced through food, knowledge and transmission.

By avoiding this type of product you will really become resistant, because the fact that you can be healthy is a form of rebellion powerful when you know that some get rich with your diseases.

By what to replace these products? You have the choice: either by “organic” shower gels without EDTA, without phthalates, without allergens and without perfume, or by soaps type “Marseille soaps”, “Aleppo soaps”, “black soaps”, etc. They take longer, are more economical, more environmentally friendly and will really wash you. To know that these soaps are to choose according to your skin type and your intolerances.

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