Dairy products: Grenoble rheumatologist advises to stop everything

In Dr. Poinsignon’s breakfast, there is no dairy product they are banned. For this rheumatologist from Grenoble, animal milk, especially cow milk, would not be adapted to our species. It would be completely useless and even dangerous for the human being.

Jean-Pierre Poinsignon assures that dairy calcium is a myth created by the industry. On the other hand, the very many growth proteins contained in cow’s milk would foul our immune system and could contribute to the development of certain cancers in humans.

In addition to dairy products, Dr. Poinsignon also banned “modern” cereals. Wheat would have become a “genetic monster” indigestible because of human selections and manipulations. Rice, on the other hand, would always return to its original form. Finally, the rheumatologist banishes cooking at “high temperature”, ie above 110 degrees.

Too much cooking would kill the vitamins, and engender combinations of molecules that can not be assimilated by our organism, the “Maillard molecules”.

Jean-Pierre Poinsignon therefore advises the return to ” ancestral dietetics “, ie before breeding, before farming, before the fire! The rheumatologist is thus a continuation of the work of Doctors Kousmine and Seignalet.

The breakfast of Dr. Poinsignon

Dr. Poinsignon wonders about the excesses of our modern diet. But to date, he has not published any scientific articles in reference journals that would allow him to be truly recognized by his peers. Apparently, his “miracle” method has yielded interesting results on many of his patients suffering from various rheumatic disorders.

Are his recommendations generalizable?

In no case, according to Serge Halimi, Professor of Nutrition at the University Hospital of Grenoble for 30 years. For this specialist, we can not impose any food model , whatever it is, to all the human species.

And the fear (of eating badly) can even be counterproductive.One tip to finish: before you embark on the latest fad diet, take all the time necessary to find out from several doctors specializing in question!An inappropriate diet for your body can be dangerous for your health .

Our opinion: Let’s not be extremist., Do not fall into this trick of burning what we loved. As in all domains, wisdom and Truth lead to measurement. ALL dairy products are not ALL bad, their use should be simply measured. !

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